4 Amazing Health Benefits you need to know about Heat Therapy

People in the U.S. are not strangers to chronic pain. Over 20% of Americans deal with pain on a nearly daily basis. From menstrual cramps to injuries to muscle issues, people suffer from chronic pain in various forms.

Concerns about addiction make many people reluctant to take medication to manage their pain. But living with pain isn’t easy.

Thankfully there are other, more natural ways to manage chronic pain. Heat therapy is a low-cost, yet effective method that works well for many people. Check out the benefits of heat therapy for pain relief here.


Heat Therapy relaxation with Warmies® Grey Boots

Heat is often associated with relaxing and comforting activities, like a warm bath or wrapping up in a blanket to watch TV. The soothing effect of heat can help people relax and lessen the intensity of non-inflammatory pain, which includes:

  • Muscles aches and knots
  • Stiffness
  • Osteoarthritis pain
  • Menstrual cramps
  • Discomfort because of neuropathy or restless leg syndrome
  • Lower back pain
  • General pain and sensitivity

Eases Muscle Tension

Heat therapy allows muscles to gently stretch and lengthen, easing tension on joints and bones. It may surprise some people to know that many types of pain are caused by tense muscles, putting undue pressure on other parts of the body.


Anyone who has ever tried to stretch while their muscles are cold knows that they have less flexibility. Warm up the muscles by doing a few light exercises or applying heat therapy and the muscles relax into a deeper stretch.

Increases Blood Flow

Heat therapy also helps blood flow tremendously. Heat causes the blood vessels to dilate — allowing blood to flow more freely.

This stimulation is helpful when dealing with pain due to injuries as the increased blood flow will help speed recovery by bringing more of the nutrients and materials the body needs to heal. It is also useful for other types of pain by bringing proteins and oxygen and removing waste.

A Better Night’s Sleep

50 to 70 million Americans struggle with a sleep disorder. Not getting enough sleep can contribute to chronic pain issues because the body needs these crucial hours of rest to repair itself. Heat therapy can help the body wind down and promote a more refreshing night’s sleep.

Additionally, lavender works wonders to help people de-stress and enjoy a relaxing night of sleep. This makes our lavender-filled heatable products a perfect tool in the fight against pain.

How to Use Heat Therapy for Wellness

If you struggle from constant pain, you may be frustrated about your options. Taking medication all the time is an unpleasant thought and so is constantly dealing with your pain.

Before you give up, try heat therapy. The benefits of heat therapy for pain relief and relaxation go beyond what we’ve mentioned here.

Intrigued? Try it for yourself! Drift off to sleep with our heated, lavender-scented eye mask that will help soothe a headache and promote a deeper slumber. Or use our neck wrap to gently ease muscle tension and pain in your neck and shoulders. In addition, many people have found our adorable Warmies Stuffed Animals to provide just the right amount of comfort and relaxation.

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