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    Top 10 cute and funny stuffed animal name ideas from Warmies fans

    Warmies customers from across the country submitted their stuffed animal's names! Each of the names submitted was delightful and amazing in its own way, so it was hard to choose our top 10! Below are our favorites for funny, cute, and surprising names. Feel free to use them as inspiration to get the ball rolling on ideas, or take the parts you like and combine them with your own ideas. 

      Every cuddle buddy needs a name of their own, but coming up with unique Stuffed Animal Name Ideas can be tricky. Fear not! Warmies just launched a name generator to kickstart the creative process so kids and adults can find inspiration and land on the ideal name for their new BFF. Here you’ll find everything you need to know on how to use the name generator, plus plenty of examples for seriously adorable names that Warmies customers came up with, pro tips for boosting your name cuteness, the most popular names of stuffed animals for boys and girls, and learn why Warmies make the perfect plush companion. It’s time to give your Warmies a name that’s as cute as they are! 

      The Warmies Name Generator is super easy to use! To give your new plush pal a truly one-of-a-kind name, click, 'Generate', and then let the magic happen! The tool will provide you with a list of adorable name possibilities. Choose which options best reflect how your cozy friend looks and how they make you feel! Are they squishy? Cuddly? Snuggly? The sky's the limit on the length of the name, so start creating a running list of the ones you like. Once you have a few, you can add your personal touch until it’s just right. 

      Pro Tip: If you’re planning on gifting a Warmies to a kid in your life, write the name you come up with on the card! You could even opt to make them a little name tag. This extra touch is really thoughtful and the kid is sure to get a kick out of the hilarious name you decide on. 

      Now that you have some ideas and your list of names for the generator, it’s time to turn up the volume on cuteness! These funny naming tips allow you to give your Warmies a unique title, but what's more, these can help you come up with a backstory for your snuggle buddy! By imagining where your Warmies came from, what they like to do, and who they are, you can foster creativity for your little one and help develop a stronger bond between them and their Warmies. Always remember, when it comes to naming your Warmies, there are NO bad ideas! Everything and anything is fair game, and the sillier, the better. 

      • Combine Multiple Names 

      Most of us have a first name, middle name or initial, and last name which means your Warmies should too! Alliteration is always a safe bet for a Warmies, but it’s up to you if you want to combine Warmies names with people names or not, like Whiskers J Wiggle Warmies or Kissy Face Kate The Magical Cat. 

      Pro Tip: You could also opt for giving your Warmies your last name, such as Sparky Snowball Johnston. You are family after all! 

      • Add Mr. Or Mrs. to the Name Generator. 

      Including Misses or Mister to the generator makes for hilarious names for the fun, regal, and over-the-top silly Warmies, such as Mrs. Sweet Softy, Mr. Frank Flufikins, or the classic Mr. Princess Snugglesnort. 

      • Add a Professional Title 

      Mixing professional titles with the name ideas the Warmies Generator gives will have you and your kiddo laughing for days. Is your Warmies a Doctor of cuddles? Call them Dr. Cuddlestein or Cuddlestein M.D.! Maybe your Warmies was a professor of snuggles at the University of Sweetness, like Professor Bubbles Bob or Dr. Bubbles Bob, Ph.D. 

      • Add Roman Numerals To The End

      Adding Roman numerals to the end of a name makes it sound like your Warmies is part of a large family with multiple generations of cuddly stuffed toys. For example, Brave-Cuddle Huggington the III comes from a long line of Warmies who have all loved helping kids who are afraid of the dark to fall asleep with ease. 

      • Combine Your Favorite Food and Paws

      Trust us, there’s nothing like the combination of food and paws in a name. Does your kid love candy? Are they a big fan of peanut butter cups? Consider names like Snuggly Snicker Paws or Peanut Butter Paws the III. If your kid prefers salty to sweet, no problem–Dr. Pretzel Paws works just as well. 

      • Dinasaur-ify The Name

      Take the name ideas from the generator and transform them into a friendly prehistoric monster! Names like Snuggle-saurus Rex or Marshmallow-raptor are great for kids who want to take their Warmies on adventures, real or imaginary. 

      • Knight Your Stuffed Animal

      Regal additions like Sir create ultra-unique names for stuffed animals. The Warmies that look like they just got back from a medieval adventure or hail from a distant mythological realm should probably have a name like Sir Hugs-A-Lot, Sir Fancy Smoosh, or Don Dizzy Dungeroo.

      Popular Stuffed Animal Girl Name

      1. Princess

      2. Coco

      3. Gummy Bear

      4. Lucky

      5. Polly

      Popular Stuffed Animal Boy Name

      1. Paddington

      2. Buzz

      3. Winnie

      4. Bam-Bam

      5. Waffles


      Warmies are super Cute Microwavable Stuffed Animals but they offer more than just adorable snuggles. Lightly scented with soothing French Lavender, Warmies are designed to help lull you to sleep, ease anxiety, and soothe even the fussiest of babies. Warmies were developed to be a cuddly friend to hold close that relaxes you as they are warmable in the microwave in just 60 seconds, weighted natural flax seed, and designed with buttery soft fabric. They can also be put in the freezer during the warmer months, to provide relief from sore or aching muscles and or to cool you down for an easier time falling asleep. There are countless animal Warmies and magical creatures to choose from, ensuring that everyone can find their perfect pal to cuddle and cherish for years to come. 

      What’s more, Warmies are weighted for comfort, and filled with safe, natural flaxseed to promote relaxation. Research shows that this isn’t just beneficial for kids! Weighted comfort that’s between 5 and 30 pounds decreases stress for those with ADHD, Autism Spectrum Disorder, and can aid in relaxing those living in senior care facilities. There are endless reasons that Warmies make the best plush pals, many of which are listed on the Warmies Blog. 

      When it comes to looking for a wellness accessory or a stuffed animal for a child, the safety of the design is essential. These days, it is unfortunate but not uncommon that products sold on the internet aren't what they seem, which is why reading product reviews is so important! 

      Warmies are designed to meet all safety standards and regulations, but you don't have to take our word for it! Warmies Cute Stuffed Animal Reviews Page has thousands of 5-star reviews about how happy their cuddle buddies made them or the child they gifted it to. With so many customers raving about the unmatched quality of Warmies heatable, chillable, scented stuffies, it's easy to see why bringing home Warmies is a no-brainer for kids and adults alike. 

      After you decide on a name for your Warmies, share it with us online! Post a picture of your soft snuggle buddy on Instagram, along with their name, and tag @Warmies_usa. We can’t wait to see what you come up with!