5 Outstanding Reasons to Buy a Warmie

Warmies Stuffed Animals and Wellness Products are the ultimate gifts, especially for the holiday season. From comforting stuffed animals for children to calming warming packs for adults, there is a Warmie for everyone.

Warmies are Revolutionary - Even though we've been around for a while, Warmies remain the best product in our field. We've evolved from comfort toys that are quickly and easily warmed to an entire line of wellness products meant to improve quality of life while offering a form of pampering at the same time.
Warmies have truly stood the test of time. For all of those that haven't had the chance to own a Warmie yet, here are five reasons you should.

1. Warmies Help Kids Fall Asleep

There isn't a parent on Earth that wishes it would take longer for their kids to fall asleep. Warmies are soft, cozy, and super comforting, making them perfect for cuddling all night long. Infused with real dried French lavender, Warmies are designed to lull children of all ages off to sleep. Warmies are heat and aromatherapy rolled into one.
From My First Warmies with beautiful, smooth, satin details to Warmies Plush that are perfectly weighted, we have many options to chose from when selecting your child's perfect nighttime companion. 

2. Possibly the Softest Thing You'll Ever Touch


Everyone loves Warmies, and we are convinced that you too will love every single one of our products. Warmies are love at first touch, which is why our heat therapy wraps, hot paks, and Warmies slippers sell out regularly. Designed individually for comfort, once you've tried Warmies, you'll never want to give them up.

3. Warmies are Easy to Heat

Not only are Warmies absurdly easy to heat, but they hold their heat for up to an hour and offer ample time to loosen sore muscles or drift off to sleep. When following the correct heating instructions, they are never too hot to touch when they're finished heating. They are genuinely the best microwaveable stuffed animals on the planet.

4. A Company that Puts Wellness First

We manufacture Warmies with high-quality materials that will last use after use. Created with kids in mind, we knew that Warmies would probably see some heavy wear and tear on occasion, and we designed them with the intention and integrity to become the favorite toy, the one that travels everywhere.
We also wanted to offer the cleanest form of comfort possible, leaving out materials with chemicals and harsh dyes, leaving them safe for consistent closeness to little hands and faces.

5. Warmies Make a Perfect Gift for Every Age

With the holidays quickly approaching, it's a fantastic time to give the gift of Warmies. They bring a smile to the face of everyone who receives one, ranging from a small child to an adult.
Warmies are a unique, useful gift that will last for years. Cozy comfort meets therapeutic function in every product that we manufacture, and Warmies Stuffed Animals and Wellness Products guarantees the best quality you've ever experienced.
Warmies are the best on the market, and we bet you can't buy just one...