Dragon Name Generator: Unique Dragon Names For Your Furry Friend

Choose the Perfect Name for Your Dragon Stuffed Animal

After you bring home your very own dragon stuffed animal, it’s time to decide on a name! With so many hilarious, charming and sweet names to choose from, you may be in need of some creative inspiration. Warmies is giving you all the name ideas for stuffed animals whether it's a gift for your daughter, son, grandma, or neighbor. Below you’ll find our favorite names for cuddly dragons, and learn how to use the ultra-fun Warmies Dragon Name Generator!

Choose the Perfect Name for Your Dragon Stuffed Animal

Dragon stuffed animal naming inspiration.

Finding the perfect moniker out of all the Dragon names for stuffed animals can be tricky! Start by taking in your new furry friend and decide how to make you feel. Does it make you feel like you can fly? Maybe their name is Fluffy Flapjack! In your imagination, does the dragon stuffie breathe fire? Perhaps a name like Fuzzy Firebreather Smaug. If they’re plush and chunky we love the name Squishable Dragon Doodlebug. 

The blue sleepy-eyed Dragon Warmies have a distinctive look, and it makes us think of trucking through hard times to get to our favorite place in the whole wide world…our bed! So we’d name him Swoop the Sleepy Sky-dragon. The Baby Dragon Warmies are colorful so we think they deserve a name like Baby Blaze Bundle or Tiny the Tinted Tornado.

Cute and Unique Dragon Names for Every Personality

One of the easiest ways to find a showstopping name is to think of ideas for the person who will adopt the new fluffy dragon. If you are gifting the stuffed animal to someone you love we suggest writing a little card to go with it that lets them know their new cuddly buddy's name! Below are some Dragon pet name suggestions! 

Girl Dragon Names: 

Rosie the Riving Flameheart, Ruby Ember, Fluffy Fierce, and Sparkle Flare.  

These dragon names are great for little girls and anyone who wants to adopt a girl dragon! 

Boy Dragon Names

Doctor Blaze, Rex Vulcan, Thunder Fang, Draco Malfy, Spike Jonesin For Fire, and Fang. 

These name suggestions are perfect for little boys or anyone who has their heart set on having a boy dragon!

Ironic Dragon Names

Twinkle Toes the Tiny, Fire Whisper, Puddles, Mr. Marshmallow, Doctor Bubbles. 

These names are sure to bring a smile to the face of whoever you give it to!

Fun Naming Ideas and Inspiration

Need more naming inspiration? We are more than happy to help! Below you’ll find our Dragon names list with funny and cute names, Names that start with Letter S, and many more silly heartwarming ideas.

Funny Dragon Names

Sir Roast-a-Lot, Puff Diddy-Squat, Sizzle Scaleback, Ally McFangster, Toasty Buns-Burn, Flapjack Firebelly, Snort the Snuggle Dragon, Smokey Bandito, Floozy the Fearsome.

Cute Dragon Names

Muff the Magic Dragon, Sprinkle Whiskers, Toots, Snugglekins, Snugglestiltskin, The Giggler, Doodle Boy, Snugglepuff, Fireball Fuzzy-Bottom.

Using the Dragon Name Generator

If you want a name that no one else has ever had, try the Warmies Name Generator! It’s easy to use and gives you a list of unique dragon name ideas you can mix and match until you find the perfect one for your plushie. Click generate dragon name ideas to get an assortment of one-of-a-kind names then choose which suits your stuffed animal's personality. 

Feel free to mix and match names or more a dash of silliness add Doctor, Mr, Mrs, or Miss, in front of the name or the II or III at the end as in Don Dragonia the III which signifies this plushie was named after their daddy dragon and his father before him. That’s the real secret to coming up with a name, lean into the weird wild, and fun of it. The generator conveniently keeps track of all your potential dino names until you're ready to clear the list.

Dragon pet name suggestions.

Personalize Your Dragon's Name and Share Your Stories

Discover and share the tales of your beloved Dragon Warmies and the narratives they carry. Each name holds its own enchanting story, whether it's a whimsical homage to cherished childhood adventures or a treasured family tradition passed down through generations. Naming your Warmies Plush Dragon is more than just a simple task; it's a moment of bonding, a chance to imbue your companion with character and significance. 

Whether your dragon's name mirrors its unique traits or embodies a deeper meaning, symbolizing a fond memory or honoring a loved one. Join us on Instagram @warmies_usa to share a snapshot of your dragon and reveal their name and the captivating tale behind it! Life is about having fun and creating memories that set our hearts on fire, so let's connect about our fire-breathing cuddle buddies!