Warmies Feel Better Gifts: Heatable, Chillable Stuffed Animals & Self Care Products

Unique Get Well Soon Gifts From Warmies

Whether your loved one has the flu or is feeling blue, a little warmth goes a long way! Warmies offers heartwarming and unique get well soon gifts that are sure to brighten their day and ease their stress with a heatable cuddly friend they can hold tight. Warmies’ heatable stuffed animals and self-care products are gifts of comfort that allow you to send friends and family a warm embrace, even if you can’t be there to hug them yourself. Discover how Warmies Feel Better Gifts truly embody their name, bringing warmth and comfort to loved ones when they need it most.

Unique get well soon gifts for the whole family.

What Makes Warmies the Best Get Well Soon Gift?

Microwavable for Hours of Warmth 
All Warmies are microwavable- just 60 seconds in the microwave offers hours of soothing warmth. Along with being peaceful and comforting, heat is essential during recovery. With neck wraps and snuggly stuffed animals, Warmies make the perfect gift for those who need comfort.

Whether your loved one has a fever, is postpartum, suffers from hot flashes, or is healing from an injury, chillable stuffed animals and self-care products offer refreshing relief. For the best chillable Warmies, consider Manatee Warmies! Its long, flat shape retains coolness for up to an hour. 

Weighted for Comfort
Warmies are filled with natural flaxseeds and weigh between 0.5 and 5 pounds. This works wonders for people with stress and anxiety, as Warmies' gentle weight simulates a calming, soothing embrace.

Infused With Real French Lavender
Since 1995, Warmies has prioritized holistic well-being: all stuffed animals and self-care products are infused with real French lavender. Lavender has many possible healing properties, and it is known to promote calm and improve sleep.

180+ Stuffed Animals & Self-Care Products
Warmies has a variety of adorable stuffed animal types and sizes, from Juniors to Supersized, along with self-care products like neck wraps, eye masks, slippers and boots. Plus, with Warmies bundles, you can save 15% when you buy 3 different products, so you can build a get well soon gift basket at home to gift to your loved one. 

Quality Made, Child Safe Design
Warmies weaves trust and quality into all plushies and products. Warmies' first priority is the customer’s trust and the safety of their littles ones. Warmies are crafted with care, from meticulous construction to thoughtful design that exceeds CPSC Child Safety Standards.

Backed By Real Customers 
More than 150,000 people have given Warmies glowing 5-star reviews,with many praising it as the perfect gift. Heartfelt customer testimonials speak to the profound comfort Warmies bring to them and their loved ones. These reviews show how real people have shared the love of Warmies with those in need of a warm hug.

“My friend was delighted! She confessed to being a quiet stuffed animal fan since childhood and just loved having a Warmies to hug as she recovers from serious surgery. That made MY day!” - M. A. (South Carolina, US)

Soothing Get Well Soon Gifts For Adults 

When a friend or family member gets sick, injured, or is going through a difficult time, send them a gift that will bring a smile to their face while supporting their recovery. Warmies’ Feel Better Bear is a great get-well-soon gift as it is designed to promote healing with warmth and offer comfort with soothing lavender. 

Heatable lavender-scented teddy.

“Feel Better Bear Is So Soft and Cuddly!!! I purchased this bear for a friend who is having some medical issues. I was so impressed, the bear was bigger than I expected and oh so soft and cuddly. My friend loved it. It gives her warmth and comfort. I highly recommend.”  -Suzanne S. (New York, US) 

Cute and Comforting Get Well Soon Gifts For Kids

Whenever a child is unwell, the whole family struggles to maintain normalcy. As any mom will tell you, having a child with a cold or the flu is tough because as soon as one kid gets the flu, the next is right behind them, followed almost always by the parents. 

There are also times when a child may be suffering from a more serious illness or injury. In these trying times, their community steps up supporting them any way they know how. Yet, it can be difficult to know exactly what do you give a sick child as a gift. A heatable Warmies stuffed animal is a wonderful get well soon gift for a sick child, as this customer mentioned in their review below.  

“If you ever find yourself on a difficult journey with your child and a hospital, these are game changers. The lavender scent of my daughter’s hippo helps her calm down and sleep. It also helps her sore muscles after training and races. Now that is a win-win!” -Sandy W. 

Cute, Cuddly & Soothing 

Warmies are adorable, microwavable stuffed animals that are gently weighted and scented with calming lavender. Many customer reviews mention the comforting, calming nature of the cuddle buddies. Parents love that  they are a soft warm companion that their child can keep with them as they recover.

Engaging & Creative

A great get well soon gift for a kid lifts their spirits and sparks their imagination, giving them a happy distraction from any discomfort. Warmies stuffed animals are first and foremost a new sweet friend to play with, taking adventures into their imagination. 

A Friend By Their Side 

Finding a cuddly friend for the child is especially important when their immune system is compromised and they have to be careful about who they are around. Warmies are a sweet and functional “get well soon gift”, which is why nurses love Warmies, and hospitals across the country carry them in their gift shops. 

Soothing heatable gift for kids.

“My husband’s cousin’s 2 Yr. old had her second open heart surgery last Wednesday. I purchased the small puppy [Warmies]…. She took right to it, and has not parted from it since. Her mommie can’t believe how it has calmed and comforted her during her recovery.” - Karen R.

Get Well Soon Gifts For Seniors 

Many loved ones face health issues in their golden years, from memory loss to illness and loneliness. Warmies provide elderly folks with a source of companionship and comfort. The familiar, calming presence of Warmies can evoke memories of caring for their animals, without the responsibility of a living pet to care for. These cuddly heatable and perfectly weighted animals offer solace in moments of confusion or distress along with relief from aches and pains with soothing warmth and calming lavender. 

“Gave my grandchildren their own Warmies for Christmas. After seeing them, I turned around and ordered Warmies for myself. I named my purple sloth, Suzy. Suzy warms my lower back as I rest in my recliner. The warmth lasts for quite a while. It has been really cold here recently so I carry Suzy to bed with me and she gives me extra warmth. NO, I am not crazy! Try a Warmies yourself and you'll see what I mean!” -Karen T. (Georgia, US)

Moreover, the gentle weight and soft texture of these plush toys provide tactile stimulation, promoting relaxation and reducing anxiety. As thoughtful gifts, Warmies serve not only as sources of physical comfort but also as symbols of love and companionship, brightening their day. 

Get well soon gift for adults.

“A Sweet Reminder | I bought the Love Bear for my husband, who was in hospice. It gave him something warm and comforting to hold. Everyone who came into the room thought it was so cute. And now that he’s gone, I’m snuggling the Love Bear at night. He’s a sweet reminder of my wonderful husband.” - Michelle M.

Warm Hearts With Warmies Gifts 

Warmies soothing, sweet and supportive Feel Better Gifts are loved by so many due to their adorable design, wellness benefits, and unique heatable and chillable features. If you can’t decide which Warmies to choose, use the Warmies Quiz to get matched with the perfect snuggle buddy for your loved one and give them cheerful comfort in their time of need. 

All of us at Warmies are sending your loved one warm hugs and a speedy recovery.