Find the Perfect Gift: Introducing the Warmies Quiz!

Looking for Personalized Gift Ideas?

Ah, the art of gift-giving! Some of us shine as gift-givers, intuitively knowing just what to choose. For others, finding a great gift can be tricky and time-consuming. Whether you have spent hours trying to choose between all the amazing present options or simply can't decide what to give Grandma this year, you’re in luck! Welcome to the new era of finding personalized gift ideas: introducing the Warmies Quiz.

The Search for Present Perfection Is Over!

Whether it was a birthday, a holiday, a special occasion, or the joy of giving thoughtful baby presents, we've all experienced the delight of watching someone open your amazing gift. Now, instead of spending hours exploring stores and surfing the internet in pursuit of a heartfelt present, Warmies is bringing you a simpler way to shop. Warmies’ cozy, microwavable plush products offer hours of soothing warmth and with the new quiz, it’s never been easier to find the perfect one!

Take The 2-Minute Warmies Gift Quiz

Warmies gifts for kids and adults.

This 2-minute, user-friendly quiz asks a series of fun questions and then matches you with the perfect Warmies. The quiz gets to the heart of whom the gift is for and then sends you a list of handpicked recommendations, from adorable Warmies stuffed animals to heatable wellness products. It considers factors such as occasion, age, interests, and preferences, ensuring the present you give is thoughtful and tailored to the recipient's personality.

The Warmies Quiz takes the guesswork out of gift selection with recommendations sure to bring joy on the big day. While Warmies is an obvious choice for creative newborn gifts, there is a lot more than meets the eye. With heatable slippers to keep toes toasty in the coldest winter months to weighted Animal Wraps to soothe stiff or sore muscles, there is a wide variety of creative and heartfelt presents to choose from. 

Gift-Giving Pro Tip: If you’re looking for a gift for a parent or child, check out our new line of Warmies Pajamas and create a bundle of bedtime accessories with PJs, a matching stuffed animal, and a Warmies storybook!

High-Quality Gifts Designed to Last

Warmies is dedicated to crafting gifts that can be cherished for years to come. All of Warmies' adorable stuffed animals and wellness accessories, even the ultra-stylish eye masks, are infused with the scent of lavender and weighted flaxseed to help ease anxiety while offering comforting cuddles. Warmies is committed to the highest quality and safety standards. You can rest assured your chosen gift will be expertly crafted, safe, and made with high-quality materials. 

Embrace the Joy of Gift-Gifting with Warmies

Whether you need newborn gift inspiration, something cozy for Grandma, or want to find the best gifts for sloth lovers, the Warmies Quiz lets you give something soothing, special, and unique. For the holiday season and beyond, use the Warmies Quiz to get matched with a handpicked list of unforgettable gifts, sure to warm the hearts of family and friends.

The Warmies Quiz is our gift to you! 

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