Menstruation Lobsters: Warm (Meme-Worthy) Lobster Plush Heating Pads

What is a Menstruation Lobster?

Menstruation Lobsters are becoming a super popular way to treat your menstrual cramps without the need of medicine. But what exactly is a menstruation lobster? Are they only in crustacean form? Can you use one if you're allergic to shellfish? Luckily for you, the menstruation lobster heating pad is something that's safe for all to use and comes in the cutest styles. They're cuter than what they sound like and we've got all the information you need when it comes to learning about the oddly named menstrual relief product and its incredible benefits. 

Who coined the phrase Menstruation Lobster? 

So where does the term "menstruation lobster" even come from anyway? Well there's no real consensus on who coined the phrase, but the story has some interesting roots. Someone online shared a photo of a little lobster statue holding a plate full of period products and they called it the "menstruation lobster station". 

So while Warmies doesn't offer stations where you can store all of your menstruation supplies, we have taken the menstruation lobster meaning to a whole new level. We created a lobster stuffed animal that's full of natural filling and lavender that can be heated up to relieve your period cramps. So instead of a whole station that goes in your bathroom, we have a portable and microwavable menstruation lobster plush to relieve your period cramps.

The Benefits of Warmies Stuffed Lobster for Period Relief 

Warmies stuffed animals are all kinds of cute and cuddly. While being cute and cuddly may seem like reason enough to add some Warmies to your stuffed animal collection, they aren't the only reasons why Warmies are the must-have item of the year. Check out all the benefits and advantages to having a Warmies product below:

1. Menstrual Cramp Relief

During the menstrual cycle, the uterus starts to shed the inner lining and releases it as blood. With all these contractions and shedding, it's no surprise that cramps are the main symptom people report when on their period. Heat has been a proven method to relieving menstrual pain as it relaxes the muscles within the uterus. 

2. Lower Back Pain Relief

Whether it's due to poor posture, sitting in an office chair all day, or an additional symptom of menstruation, lower back pain plagues many people everyday. By having a Warmies stuffed animal, you can heat it up in the microwave and soothe the muscles in your lower back that are causing you grief. 

3. Headache and Migraine Relief

Warmies aren't just microwavable stuffed animals. Warmies can also be placed into the freezer and cooled down enough to relieve even the most aggravating of headaches. Cold therapy helps trick the brain into not feeling the pain, thus giving you some much needed relief.

4. Relaxes the Mind

All Warmies products are stuffed with natural fibers and real French dried lavender. That means that when you hold your Warmies plush, you'll catch a nice whiff of the beautiful lavender aroma. Scents like lavender are proven to reduce anxiety and aid in relaxation.

5. Improves Sleep

Coupled with the aromatherapy of Warmies, they also have a nice hefty weight to them that improves sleep. If you find yourself having trouble sleeping a night, Warmies might be just the thing. The weight is like a hug and helps calm the mind and body.

6. Lowers Blood Pressure

Since the Warmies are weighted and have lavender, they soothe and relax your body and mind. All of this and more will help lower your blood pressure and even improve your health. 

7. Toxin-Free

Most of the microwavable stuffed animals out on the market are filled with all kinds of plastic and nonsense. This means that heating them up could leak toxins into your home. Warmies products don't have that problem as they are filled with natural fibers and lavender, making them one of the safest products out there.

Menstruation Lobster Instructions

Now that you're interested in having your own personal menstruation lobster, you will need to know what steps are required to use it and gain the benefits. Below are the simple steps that come with having a Warmies product.

Step 1: Choose your own personal Menstruation Lobster 

You may choose the literal Warmies lobster or you might want an animal design that's more suited to your own personality or that of your loved one's. No matter which you choose, each Warmies product is 100% toxin-free, filled with natural materials, and ready to be cuddled. You can explore all the different options here.

Step 2: Heat it up or cool it down

Depending on the symptoms you want to relieve, you can put your microwave or the freezer. If you're going to use the microwave, be sure to follow the instructions and avoid putting it in there for more than two minutes at a time. For the freezer, you can leave your Warmies in there for up to an hour or more to get it to the ideal temperature. 

Step 3: Place it on your body

Once you've warmed up or cooled down your Warmies stuffed animal, you can now use it on your body. You can snuggle up with it on your chest, lie down on your back with it placed on your belly, or even use it as a pillow. It's up to you where you use it.

Does a Menstruation Lobster have to be a Lobster?

While the name has that special ring to it that is memorable, your menstruation lobster does not absolutely have to be in crustacean form. In fact, your personal menstruation lobster for cramps can be in the form of any animal that Warmies has available. You can have one in the form of a cuddly bear, a sea turtle, a manatee, an alligator, and the ever-unique axolotl on top of hundreds of other options. 

What makes a menstruation lobster so appealing is the name, of course, and the fact that the lobster is nice and flat. You can choose whatever shape and animal you'd like, but having that wide and flat shape is ideal for covering as much surface area as possible for providing optimal relief.

Where to buy Menstruation Lobster

There aren't lots of places where you can get your hands on something as unique as a menstruation heating pad lobster. The only place where you can buy this unique item and others like it is on the Warmies site. There you'll find all of the incredible options available. You have your pick of stuffed animals, eye masks, boots, slippers, heat pads, and more. All of these products will be beneficial in reducing your menstrual pains and symptoms. 

Do Menstruation Lobsters make good gifts

If menstruation lobster aren't something you're interested but would like to gift it to a loved one, these make the perfect gifts. They're perfect for your wife, a girlfriend, a friend, or anyone in your life that you think would benefit from a warm and cuddly plushie. You don't have to be limited to just cramp crustacean Warmies either, as you can gift them more practical items like heat pads or neck wraps. It's a gift that you can perfectly tailor to the style and interests of the gift recipient.

Menstruation Lobster Reviews 

So what do other people have to say about menstruation lobster? You can check out some of the menstruation lobster reviews below where people have nothing but great things to say about Warmies products.

"He smells so good. I love to just plop him down anywhere and he fits in. ❤️” 

- Candy D.

"Love, love, love Sid, the Sloth! (Yes, I named him.) He is so warm and comforting for my old bones and joints on these very cold nights. These warmies aren’t just for kids!”

- Susan M.

"I have bought warmies for many friends and family members, they have love them.”

- Dianna D.

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Warmies Uses Only The Safest & Highest Quality Stuffing in Our Plush Heatable Lavender Scented Lobster 

When it comes to menstrual symptoms, it's clear that there's only one option out there: menstruation lobster. Get your own at Warmies, where we make the best products and stuffed animals that help relieve all sorts of body aches and pains while putting a smile on your face. Who wouldn't want a cuddly and cute stuffed animal giving you warmth and soothing smells, especially while dealing with the nasty symptoms that come with menstruation? 

Warmies products aren't just for kids, so don't be fooled by the cuddly cute plushies you see on our site. Even if the plushies aren't for you, you can get all kinds of other products that will do the same job. All-in-all, whatever kind of menstruation lobster you get are not something you want to miss out on, so be sure to explore the different options so that you can enjoy all the great benefits. Contact the Warmies team today if you have any questions or concerns about Warmies products and menstruation lobsters.