What Can I Give for Easter Instead of Candy? [Easter Stuffer Ideas]

What can I give for an Easter Basket Stuffer instead of candy or chocolate?

Easter is on its way, which means bunnies, egg hunts, and yes a whole lot of chocolate. So how do we celebrate, keep the kids happy, and scoop up all that Easter has to offer without giving our kiddos a sugar rush that’s almost always followed by a crash? Here we’re giving you the best non-candy Easter Basket Stuffers and Fillers that are fun and sugar-free. Warmies Easter Basket Stuffers & Fillers are soft plushies that are infused with the soothing scent of lavender and can be heated in the microwave. Most importantly they’re cute enough to leave kids happy even if they don’t get a hundred chocolate eggs.  

Microwavable Stuffed Animal.

What do you put in an Easter gift basket? 

Easter gift baskets should be a delightful ensemble of treats and gifts that make kids jump for joy. Most Easter baskets are filled with crinkle-cut paper, dyed eggs, chocolate bunnies, and all the sweets one can find in the grocery store, but have you ever wondered about just what is a traditional Easter gift? The egg basket tradition has some seriously old roots dating centuries back! Easter is about rebirth and renewal, so it makes sense that bunnies and eggs became a staple of the holiday as historically the hare was a symbol of fertility and eggs represent new life. 

The roots of Easter have blossomed into the easter bunny, which is why Easter cuddly toys should most certainly be in your gift basket– and you’ll probably get bonus points with the kiddos if it’s a bunny! Another option to put into your basket is one of the many Easter chick plush toys, perfect for snuggling after your Easter egg hunt. These soft companions bring warmth and comfort, making them a beloved addition to any basket.

In addition to these cuddly creatures, a classic Easter gift basket often includes a variety of treats and delights. We know what you’re thinking and NO they don’t all have to be filled with sugar. For cute treats to include in your Easter basket, think bubbles, fresh spring flowers, spring DIY crafts with fake flowers like flower crowns, an Easter-themed book, or coloring supplies for children to enjoy. Whether given to children or adults, a thoughtfully curated Easter gift basket is a cherished tradition, embodying the spirit of the season and spreading happiness to all who receive it.

Microwavable Puppy Warmies.

Healthy Easter Basket Ideas

If you want to go healthy this Easter you may have to hunt for good options, but luckily that’s why we’re here! Below are some suggestions for organic or natural snacks as alternatives to candy and how incorporating fruits and nuts into Easter baskets isn’t impossible! 

Easter stuffed animal.

For a healthier twist on Easter baskets, consider incorporating fruits and nuts as delicious alternatives to the usual candy. Fresh, organic fruits like strawberries, blueberries, and grapes add a burst of natural sweetness and color. Nuts such as almonds, walnuts, and pistachios provide a satisfying crunch and a dose of protein. These wholesome treats not only offer a nutritious option but also contribute to a more eco-friendly and sustainable basket. Plus, they are perfect for those looking to indulge in guilt-free snacking. If you want to limit the chocolate but not do away with it completely, consider dipping raspberries in chocolate and then freezing them! Be advised these will not be kept in a basket all day so you’ll have to be strategic about when you place them and wrap them individually for the safety of your other goodies. This Easter, swap out some of the candy for these organic and natural snacks for a refreshing and wholesome surprise. 

If you’re thinking ‘Yeah… never in a million years will my kid go for that’, we get it. For those who are willing to bake, you have are some options. If you’re committed to going full sugar-free, or if your child has a health concern, get creative with the healthy food! Turn string cheese into a man and use sesame seeds for the eyes and tiny slices of red bell pepper for the mouth. Our last idea is to look into candy companies that are known for making healthier sweets. Small Wins and Unreal are companies that make candy with less sugar and little to no additives, making them a good middle-of-the-road solution to Easter sweets. 

Easter Plush Toys: Easter Bunny and Cute Stuffed Animals

Microwavable stuffed animal for Easter.

Easter bunny plushies and stuffed animals hold a timeless appeal as Easter gifts and are really important to celebrate if you aren’t going to fill your basket with chocolate and lollipops. If you’re trying to limit sugar, consider getting Easter bunny stuffed animals for your kids and making it the main event of your easter basket. Warmies is a stuffed animal company with plushies designed to soothe, comfort, and calm kiddos. Warmies are microwavable for hours of warmth and chillable in the freezer for hot nights, so that kids and adults can get the just right temperature cuddles with a snuggly friend.

Microwavable Chicken Warmies.

The Easter Warmies which includes Chicken Warmies and Pink Bunny Warmies are as functional for bedtime as they are delightfully adorable making them the perfect Easter bunny stuffed animals. Fair warning, many a parent has found once their kid has a Warmies to snuggle before bed they won’t sleep without it! If you don’t want to be as on the bunny nose with your Easter gift, consider choosing Sheep Warmies for your kid's basket! These heatable cuddle buddies still qualify as Easter plush animals as they do tote the holiday signature floppy ears.

Heatable Sheep Warmies.

Creative Craft Kits for Easter Fun

So what can I get instead of chocolate for Easter? Creative craft kits will bring out all the fun! Easter soft toys like Play-Doh eggs and creative craft kits offer a break from the sugar by giving kids an engaging activity. Whether it’s DIY decorations, a painting kit for Easter eggs, or make-your-own bunny ears, there are lots of ideas to find. Remember kids won’t remember the candy but they will remember how they felt so the more thought you put into the day the better it will go. 

Our advice? Choose quality Easter Toys for kids like Warmies and get a craft for their cuddly friend. You could either make them a paper or fake flower crown or a little cardboard home and then paint and decorate it together as a family. These Easter toys for kids not only entertain but also foster creativity and imagination, making the holiday more memorable. So skip the chocolate and opt for crafty Easter kits and cuddly toys this season!

Plush Slippers Offer Sweet Comfort Without the Sugar Rush

Adults often get the short end of the stick when it comes to Easter, especially if they’re on a low-sugar diet. If you need Easter Basket Gift Ideas for Wife that are practically or want some Easter Basket Gift Ideas for Girlfriend that she’ll actually use… we’ve got you covered. 

Heatable Slippers! 

Plush microwavable slippers.

Warmies Curly Purple Warmies Slippers come in a light lavender color so they’re totally in line with the Easter theme. But these plush slippers are more than just a basket filler. The slippers are made with ultra-soft fabric and are filled with flaxseed so you can put them in the microwave. Believe us, there’s nothing like stepping into a warm slipper after a long day at work. 

Lavender-Scented Neck Wrap 

Microwavable neck wrap from Warmies.

Warmies Curly Purple Neck Wrap makes a wonderful Easter gift and pairs perfectly with the slippers for a matching gift of cozy comfort. Giving your wife or girlfriend a lavender-scented, heatable, and chillable neck wrap tells her you understand how hard she works and that she deserves a break, which means she’ll love it. Plush slippers and heatable neck wraps offer sweet comfort without the sugar rush. These cozy additions are perfect stuffers, providing warmth and relaxation. Skip the candy and opt for these practical yet delightful Easter basket stuffers to make her holiday extra special.

Warmies Eye Masks Bring Cozy Comfort to Your Easter Basket

Looking for Unique easter gift basket ideas? Can’t figure out what to put in an adult child’s Easter basket? The Cream Warmies Eye Mask is incredible, particularly for college students and young adults who may have roommates. Even if they don't use a sleep mask normally the Marshmallow Lavender Warmies Eye Mask will convert them into a loyalist. It’s weighted with flaxseed and scented with real French lavender to promote calm and because it can be heated or chilled in the freezer, it may just help them get more sleep. How do you make a simple Easter basket? It’s really easy, go to your local craft store and grab a basket, some crinkle-cut colored paper, and some fake flowers. Layer in the paper and flowers, add in a card and your gift, and voilà, you have made a simple and wonderful easter basket. 

Microwavable Eye Mask from Warmies.


In the midst of bunnies and egg hunts, Easter brings the inevitable flood of chocolate. Yet, this year, why not sidestep the sugar rush? Our journey through non-candy Easter Basket Stuffers & Fillers has unveiled a treasure trove of alternatives: from Warmies plushies infused with calming lavender, to organic fruits and nuts, and engaging craft kits. Embrace the roots of Easter with cuddly bunnies and chick plush toys, or opt for practical comfort with heatable slippers and neck wraps. For the adults seeking respite from the sugar frenzy, the Warmies Eye Masks offer serene relaxation. Let this Easter be about more than sweets—it's a time to create thoughtful, sugar-free baskets that embody the spirit of renewal and joy.

We hope you got some ideas of how to make Easter sweeter, without all the sugar!