Sleeping Eye Mask Benefits that Improve Your Sleep Quality

Better sleep is just a few clicks away with the Warmies sleeping eye masks. Sleeping eye masks for women, men, and kids are a great way to tackle sleep difficulties and get a better night's sleep in no time. But how exactly can sleeping eye masks improve sleep quality? This article will go into depth about why you should start using sleep masks, how to best care for your sleep masks, and the benefits you'll enjoy the second you start using them.

Is it good to sleep with a sleep mask? 

Sleeping eye masks are simply something that cover your eyes while you sleep at night. These are typically made from natural fibers like silk or cotton, and are tied to your head using elastic bands. The biggest question surrounding this practice is if there are any dangers associated with using one? The short answer is no. There are no real issues to using one so long as you stick with a mask that's not too tight or made from abrasive fabrics. Along with their being little no risks, there are plenty of sleeping eye mask benefits you'll start to notice after just one night. 

When should you use a sleep mask? 

It's different for everyone, but most people start to use them when they start to notice interruptions to their sleeping routine such as excessive light, change in schedule, or trouble sleeping in general. 

You may wonder if it is okay to wear a sleep mask every night. The answer is yes. Wearing a sleep mask every night can only help you in the long run in achieving benefits like reduced puffiness, improved REM, and experiencing fewer interruptions. Sleep mask benefits and more can be experienced by using any one of the Warmies sleep masks. Just be sure to use them as directed and keep them clean. 

7 Common Sleep Masks Uses 

There are all sorts of ways to use sleep masks in your daily life that can help improve your sleep in one way or another. There are also all sorts of sleep masks available to help you in specific circumstances, so whatever the case is for you read on to see the seven common uses for sleep masks and their benefits.

1. Sleep masks for travel

Sleeping while traveling provides all sorts of challenges, but sleep masks can help you overcome those challenges. Sleep masks can offer you a sense of privacy, comfort, and give you the darkness you need to get some shut eye. And since they are small and lightweight, you can take them anywhere you go. 

2. Sleeping masks for shift workers

Shift workers sleep on a schedule that's different from the rest of us. This means that they have to find ways to sleep during the bright daytime hours. Sleeping masks come in handy because they provide you with the comfort and darkness of night that you need to sleep as if the rest of the world was sleeping too. 

3. Sleep masks for dry eyes

Sometimes the environment you sleep in has dry air, leaving you with dry eyes when you wake up. By using a warming sleep mask for dry eyes you can help stimulate moisture production in your eyes. The warmth from the mask gently loosens solidified oil in the eye glands, thus leading to improved tear production reducing the overall feeling of dryness.

4. Sleep masks for reducing anxiety and tension

Certain kinds of sleeping eye masks have been known to alleviate the symptoms of headaches and migraines. The compression that masks offer help by applying light pressure to your face, reducing the tension around your eyes. Cooling or heating the eye mask can also aid in this, as heat and cold are both known to reduce pain.

5. Sleep masks for reducing puffiness

A common sign of lack of sleep is dark circles under the eyes, as well as a puffy face. Usually the cure for that is sleep, but weighted eye masks have been known to help reduce the tired look and aid in sleep. These kinds of sleeping masks work by applying physical pressure to the skin and remove the excess fluid that contributes to the overall puffiness. 

6. Sleeping masks to improve REM cycles

A major benefit of sleeping eye masks is that they provide you with complete and total darkness in all environments. It's been proven that darkness improves overall sleep as you are not disturbed by external light. Since this means your sleep is less likely to be interrupted, you will experience more REM sleep. Achieving REM sleep is very important because it stimulates parts of the brain that are associated with learning and memory.

7. Sleeping masks to protect/preserve skin health

Tossing and turning at night can mean the delicate skin of your face is experiencing damage from friction. This friction can cause things like small tears, inflammation, folding, and premature wrinkling. This is especially true of the skin around the eyes, which is where wearing a sleeping eye mask comes in handy.

Finding the Best Sleep Mask

Finding the best sleep masks is a personal journey. You have to start with asking yourself what your goal is in getting a sleep mask. Are you using it for migraine and headache relief, better sleep, keeping out light, or a combination of reasons? Once you figure out what you're looking for, then you can find the perfect mask for you or your loved one. Weighted eye mask benefits range from helping calm your nervous system to aiding in relief from headaches along with blocking light and helping you get more quality rest. 

Sleep Masks for Men

Sleep masks for men come in all shapes, colors, and sizes that will fit your style and needs. These masks will help you keep out harsh light and protect your REM sleep from interruption. They're the perfect addition for your on-the-go life and will help you get the most out of your sleep.

Sleep Masks for Women 

Warmies offers a wide selection of sleep masks for women that will help you show off your flair and style even when sound asleep. They are able to be warmed up in the microwave or cooled down in the freezer to help with all sorts of conditions like puffiness and migraines. They also come in fun designs that are definitely unique and fun.

Sleep Masks for kids 

Sleep masks aren't just for adults as Warmies offers sleep masks for kids that want to get better sleep and be comfy all night long. Warmies sleep masks are perfect for all ages and can be adjusted to accommodate head sizes.  

Sleep Masks for side sleepers

The side sleepers out there might be worried that Warmies sleeping eye masks won't work for them, but these are perfect for side sleepers too. They won't budge or get lopsided from sleeping on your side. They'll fit like a glove and keep your sleep and skin health perfectly intact.

Do I have to wash off an overnight sleep mask when I wake up?

You don't have to wash your sleep mask once you wake up. You can clean it as often as you see fit, just be sure to abide by the basic care techniques when it comes to cleaning warmies sleep masks. When cleaning, only wash the surface with a lightly damp cloth. Do not immerse the mask in water, or wash in a washing machine, since that will harm the filling material.

How do I choose the right sleeping eye mask? 

Choosing the right sleep eye mask will come down to what you need it for. Are you trying to reduce the amount of wrinkles and lines on your face? Do you want a weighted sleep mask or a chilled sleep mask? What about a warmable sleep mask? These are all questions to keep in mind in your journey on picking the right mask for you or a loved one.

The best part of Warmies sleep masks is that they have some weight to them, can be chilled and warmed, and come in all sorts of styles. There's no way you can go wrong in choosing a mask. You have your pick of funny sleep masks, cute sleep masks, and scented sleep masks. Yes, Warmies sleep masks all have natural dried lavender inside to relax and soothe your senses.

The Benefits of a Chilled and heated Sleep mask?

Warmies sleep masks can be warmed in a microwave and chilled in a freezer. The reason to do this is to help with inflammation in the face, puffiness, tension, anxiety, and reduce headache and migraine symptoms. Cold has been proven to reduce pain and heat has been instrumental in soothing aching muscles. Sleep mask benefits our over all health and wellness, along with an active lifestyle and good diet of course! 

Weighted vs. Unweighted Sleep mask?

Benefits of a weighted sleep mask haven't been explore much in science. While the research is limited, the weight of a mask can most likely help stimulate the vagus nerve which can help you feel more relaxed and tired. So there's no real harm in choosing a weighted mask over one that has no added weight. You could even argue that the weight will help keep the mask snug on your face.

The Benefits of a Scented Sleep mask?

Lavender is a scent that soothes the body and mind. Since the Warmies eye masks have real French lavender inside, this just adds to the benefits of this product. The lavender will help further relax you, reduce your anxiety, and help you drift off to sleep faster than a mask that is not scented. 

Do warmable eye masks make good gifts

Warmies eye masks make the perfect gift for anybody in your life. You can help your wife or girlfriend sleep better by giving her a mask that will soothe her senses and improve her REM cycle. You can even give one to your friend that you know is going on a long trip, helping them get to sleep on-the-go. What's better than the gift of a solid night's sleep?

Warmies Scented Warmable Sleep Mask Reviews 

Warmies sleep masks are a top rated sleep mask product because of their benefits and level of comfort. Exploring the microwavable sleeping eye mask reviews page will show you what real customers have to say about Warmies eye masks and what they loved about it. 

What is the best sleep mask on the market? 

It's clear to see that the Warmies sleeping eye masks are the best out there. They provide you with all of the benefits of regular sleeping eye masks that help improve things from sleep to anxiety. Warmies eye masks also have the added benefit of being extra relaxing due to their inclusion of lavender within the mask, as well as the added plus of heating them up or cooling them down.

Using these masks everyday can only help you get the best sleep of your life every night. If eye masks aren't what you're looking for, check out the selection of Warmies stuffed animals that can be instrumental in relaxing your body, muscles, and anxiety. Contact the Warmies team today to learn more.

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