Slow Down and Relax with These Unique Sloth Gifts for the Sloth Lover in Your Life

Struggling to find the perfect gift for your loved one with unique interests? What about the ever-unique sloth interest? It can be a real challenge to find sloth gifts for him, sloth gifts for her, and sloth gifts for anybody of any age. 

After all, it's not as simple as just getting gifts with sloths on them. You need to find personalized sloth gifts, cute sloth gifts, and gifts that are tailored to please the sloth lover in your life. So this article is all about showing you the best sloth gift ideas and what exactly makes sloths so darn popular. 

Sloth-Lovers: Why are Sloths so popular? (and cute!!!) 

It almost seems like sloths became popular overnight. One day sloths were just a weird animal to look at and then the next day sloths were a viral sensation that everyone had to get in on. But what exactly makes them so popular? The short answer has to do with how they behave as animals. Sloths move very slowly and like to hang upside down in trees. They also sleep for long periods of time and have long claws to climb around with. Sloths tend to do nothing for most of their life.

The longer answer to the question of why they're so popular has to do with pop culture. Movies and TV shows can sway public opinion at the drop of a hat. It wasn't all that long ago that sloths were unpopular and practically feared. However, a few years ago celebrity Kristen Bell was on the Ellen show where she shared a video of her husband surprising her with a sloth for her birthday. The video shows her overwhelmed by emotions at this peculiar animal. It was no surprise that the clip went viral and more and more people became fascinated by this odd creature. Ever since then, sloths have become a staple in popular media and show no signs of leaving. 

Being a "Sloth Lover” has yielded new ways to express admiration for this animal whether for yourself or in the form of fun sloth themed gifts.

8 Sloth Gift Ideas 

It can be tough finding the unique sloth gifts for the sloth lovers in your life. Sloth themed gifts can sometimes be boring, creepy, or downright expensive. There's also the challenge of finding cute sloth gifts that fit the occasion, like baby showers or graduations. Luckily you can find a wide variety of sloth gifts with Warmies. In fact, below are eight of the best sloth gift ideas that are perfect for any sloth lover.

1. Cuddly Sloth Warmies - Chill Out or Warm Up

Microwavable Sloth Warmies Gift For Sloth Lovers

Whether it's a sloth gift for a child or a sloth gift for adults, Sloth Warmies are the perfect gift for any sloth lover. These are plushies that can be microwaved thanks to their non-toxic filling. This warmth will keep users comfortable and cozy for hours. Sloth Warmies are about a foot long and come filled with natural fibers and real dried French lavender. Sloth Warmies are also weighted to help with anxiety, sleep, and relaxation, making it a perfectly unique gift for sloth lovers of all ages.

2. Adorable Sloth Hugs- The Perfect Gift for Friends

Microwavable Sloth Hugs Gifts For Sloth Lovers

What's better than one sloth? Two sloths! With the Sloth Warmies Hugs you get two sloths hugging each other. How cute is that? This sloth duo work just like standard Warmies where they can be microwaved. The only real difference is that there are two of them now, hugging attached with Velcro. You can even mix and match them with other Warmies Hugs, making this one of the more unique sloth gifts out there. Keep this one in mind for when you're looking for sloth valentine gifts.

3. Sloth Warmies Gift for Newborns & Infants

Microwavable Sloth - My First Warmies Gift For Sloth Lovers

Newborns and infants are always in need of comfort, but it's just as important to make sure that the comfort comes from something safe and non-toxic. That's where Warmies comes in! The My First Warmies are made with babies in mind and use only the best fabrics to give your baby the best experience possible. The Sloth Warmies for newborns and infants will give any child the comfort they need through super soft fabrics and silky satin as well as the warmth that comes from the microwavable filling gently scented with French lavender. This combination of materials will keep any baby happy, cozy, and secure.

4. Plush Sloth Warmies Wrap For Him or Her

Microwavable Sloth Warmies Wrap Gift For Sloth Lovers

One of the best gifts that you can give a loved one is the gift of pain relief. This is what makes the Sloth Warmies Wrap a perfect gift for anybody out there, especially sloth lovers! This Warmies Animal Wrap has the added bonus of being fully microwavable or chilled. The microwavable route gives hours of warmth, relieving aching muscles and joints. Placing it in the freezer will keep necks cool and cozy on those warmer days. And in addition to being in the adorable shape of a sloth, these neck wraps come scented with real dried French lavender giving any user a positive sensory experience. 

5. Sloth Warmies Gift For Kids

Microwavable Sloth Warmies Junior Gift For Sloth Lovers

Any kid that loves sloths with absolutely love the Warmies Juniors Sloth Plush. The sloth plushie comes scented with real dried French lavender and has a nice amount of heft to give kids a positive sensory experience. Just like other Warmies plushies, the sloth plush is fully microwavable which can help provide warmth and comfort for hours on end. Warmies plushies are also able to be chilled in the freezer if your child prefers a soothing cool touch instead. No matter if the sloth is cooled down or warmed up, this plushie is sure to provide endless amounts of cuteness, cuddles, and fun! 

6. Amazing and Funny Supersized Sloth Warmies Gift

Microwavable Supersized Sloth Warmies Gift For Sloth Lovers

Want a sloth gift that's larger than life? Well then the Supersized Sloth Warmies is the right way to go! Supersized Warmies are just like standard Warmies, just a whole lot bigger. This sloth gift will be extra cuddly, extra fun, and extra cute. The only thing you can't do with a Supersized Sloth Warmies is stick it in the microwave. Instead the sloth features a removable heat pack that you can heat up and place inside. This will give you all of the same comfort that standard Warmies offer. All you have to do is microwave the heat pack for 30 seconds and it will give hours of relaxing warmth and comfort. And just like standard Warmies, the Supersized Sloth Warmies is scented with real dried French lavender. It's a super gift for all ages!

7. Sloth Goes Slow Book

Microwavable Sloth Goes Slow Book Gift For Sloth Lovers

This gift isn't as cuddly or soft as other gift ideas on this list, but it is just as cute! Sloth Goes Slow is the perfect gift for little ones that love sloths and are just starting to learn how to read. It's actually the first in the upcoming series of Warmies Books. The series as a whole is designed to reinforce positive emotional learning in young children and give them the support they need. So if you know a child that loves sloths you can snuggle them up with their favorite Sloth Warmie and read them this cute story!

8. Different Colored Sloth Gifts

Microwavable Pink Sloth Warmies Gift For Sloth Lovers

Now most sloths are white, brown, or a mix of those colors. There are a variety of realistic colors for your Sloth Warmies if that's more your style, but if you're giving a Sloth Warmies to someone that loves pink or purple, you've come to the right place. These different colored plushies offer all the same features and benefits as the Warmies mentioned above, but in a different color. You can have a Sloth Warmies in pink, purple, or gray! 

Lavender Scented, Microwavable Stuffed Sloths

Warmies is all about making the best product with the best materials out there. After all, the Warmies mission is "to put the well-being and comfort of our customers at the center of everything we do." This motto rings true with the construction of our Sloth Warmies. Even with a sloth themed gift as simple as a sloth plushie, Warmies makes sure that it nothing but beneficial to the body and mind. 

Warmies are made with soft materials and filled with natural fibers that are toxin-free, making it kid-safe and microwave friendly. Warmies are also weighted which help with sleep and anxiety. And likely the most unique thing about all of our Warmies products, including Sloth Warmies, is that they come with the perfect amount of real dried French lavender. This lavendar is grown in Provence, France and will give you the benefits of relaxation and anxiety relief that come with lavender aromatherapy. All of this and more is what makes Warmies the perfect gift for all ages.

Warmies make some of the best gifts in the world. You don't even have to take our word for it, we have thousands and thousands of reviews that prove Warmies are just as good as we say. Check out our review page here. Be sure to contact the Warmies team today to learn more what sloth gifts you can give to loved ones.