The Best Filling for Stuffed Animals (Kid-Safe and Bug-Free)

Stuffed animal fillings are a hot topic these days. Parents are concerned about toxic chemicals and whether or not certain fillings attract bugs. What exactly are Warmies filled with and do parents have to be concerned with Warmies being around their children? 

What are Warmies stuffed animals filled with? 

Stuffed animal toys have been around for centuries and their fillings have been made from all sorts of things over that length of time. From things like hay, beans, straw, and cotton, stuffed animals have seen it all. Modern day filling for stuffed animals are typically made from cotton or synthetic fibers that make stuffed animals soft yet durable, and ideal for all ages. Some filling technology has even evolved to withstand the microwave, adding an extra level of warming comfort. Although some fillings have been known to attract bugs or be unsafe for children, Warmies Microwavable Stuffed Animal Filling does not attract or contain bugs. Warmies only uses kid-safe and bug-free stuffing made by manufacturers you can trust.

This article will go into depth about the materials that Warmies filling is made of, how it's different from other stuffed animal filling on the market, and how this filling does not attract bugs. Warmies takes the extra step to ensure that kids that play with Warmies stuffed animals are safe and comforted by the materials used. Warmies products also are for adults too, so this information will be usefull to all that are interested in having Warmies in their home. 

What is the Filling inside of a Microwavable Stuffed Animal made from? 

Each Warmies product contains a carefully measured amount of specially treated flaxseed that has been thoroughly cleaned and dried to a specific moisture content. This moisture content might make the Warmies product feel damp the first time it is microwaved, but that is normal. Every Warmies filling also features an added hint of dried French Lavender flowers, from Provence, France, to give a relaxing aroma. However, not all microwavable stuffed animals feature the same class of materials.

In fact, other microwavable stuffed animals may use the following types of filling:

  • Clay beads
  • Plastic beads 
  • Cotton
  • Wheat filling
  • Polyfill stuffing

The natural and specially treated grain filling found in Warmies inspires better wellbeing and is less likely to attract bugs and mold, unlike some of the other materials listed above. 

What makes the stuffing in a microwavable plush different from a stuffed animal? 

The average stuffed animal and microwavable stuffed animal toys are not built the same. Most stuffed animals on the market are filled with material that is generally unsuitable for microwaves. This filling can be synthetic fiber, batting, cotton, straw, wool, plastic pellets, and beans. Having this stuffing within stuffed animals does not mean you cannot microwave it, but generally this material might not not hold onto the heat as well or at all.

The reason why Warmies are able to retain heat is because of their filling. The specially treated natural filling of flaxseed is capable of withstanding heat and will retain it for a good portion of time. Warmies can also be placed in the freezer to be a cooling element rather than a warming one.

What are weighted stuffed animals filled with? 

Most weighted stuffed animals are filled with poly-pellets, plastic pellets that give an item weight. Warmies does not use this material in their weighted stuffed animals. Plastic, when heated, can leak toxins into its surroundings or even melt. Instead, what you'll find is dried flaxseed and layers of fabric to add weight. The added weight helps ease anxiety and provides comfort. 

What are Warmies fillings treated with? 

Each of Warmies products are filled with carefully measured, specially treated flaxseed. This filling has been treated with natural ingredients, promoting a positive wellbeing for all. The filling has been sufficiently cleaned and dried so that it is at an appropriate level of moisture. The filling also features natural dried French lavender, to aid in relaxation. The treatment exists to better preserve and maintain the integrity of the Warmies product, as well in aiding in the microwavable feature. 

What Scent is in Warmies? 

Warmies takes pride in using natural filling to promote a healthier wellbeing and lifestyle, and with each Warmies stuffed animal comes the addition of real dried French lavender. When coupled with the warmth, lavender is especially soothing. There is also little worry about safety, as the dried lavender is perfectly safe and natural. While it's safe for humans, exercise caution if there are pets in the household, as lavender can be particularly toxic to dogs when ingested. 

Does Warmies stuffing use grain? 

Each stuffed animal from Warmies is comprised of microwave-friendly materials in addition to the specially formulated millet grains and dried French lavender. You won't find any instances of plastic or other such material within the Warmies. The grains within allow for heat to be retained, making for a soothing and much-needed aromatherapy for relaxing. While other companies use fillings such as clay beads or synthetic beans, Warmies takes the more natural approach.

Do Warmies stuffed animals attract bugs? 

No, there are absolutely no bugs found in any Warmies stuffed animals. Warmies are filled with a combination of specially treated flaxseed and dried lavender. Flaxseed is not known to be particularly attractive to bugs, but the lavender will ward off any bugs as they hate it. Warmies will not attract any bugs.

This is a popular question due to the rise in popularity of natural stuffing for microwavable stuffed animal toys. Fillings like wheat is popular, but wheat tends to attract bugs more than other natural filling. This is not an issue for Warmies.

Are Warmies safe for babies?

Warmies are tested safe for all ages. Warmies features products designed for babies, toddlers, children, and even adults. Everybody of all ages can experience the soothing relaxation that Warmies can bring. In fact, Warmies features a product line that is especially made for babies and newborns, called My First Warmies. It is always important to maintain suitable supervision whilst using the products with babies, toddlers and children. 

Check out the different Warmies products available:

  • Warmies stuffed animals of all sizes for all ages
  • Boots
  • Slippers
  • Eye-Masks
  • Neck Wraps
  • Hot-Pak
  • Heat Pads

The Benefits of Warmies Stuffed Animals 

Warmies are cute, cuddly, and fun! These aren't the only reasons why Warmies are a must-have. There are actually many benefits to using Warmies in everyday life, which are listed below:

  1. Helps Kids Fall Asleep Faster - Warmies weighted which provides a gentle compression. This compression which can soothe you to sleep, as compression can feel like a nice hug. 
  2. Helps Decrease Anxiety - Lavender helps activate the parasympathetic nervous system, putting the body in a restful state. Warmies are filled with natural French lavender, which will help your anxiety when you need it. 
  3. Reduces Amount of Headaches - The heat and lavender scent from Warmies can help reduce the frequency and severity of your headaches. You can also put Warmies in the freezer if you prefer a cooler approach to headache relief. 
  4. Reduces Muscle and Joint Pain - Heat helps open up blood vessels which seeds up healing processes, streamlining the delivery of blood and oxygen to affected areas. Heat can also sooth and relax sore and tight muscles. 
  5. Increases Relaxation and Calmness - The combination of weight with lavender proves to be a great combination to improve relaxation and calmness. These elements will lower blood pressure and heart rate.   
  6. Reduces Cramping - Since Warmies are for adults too, you'll be happy to know that using Warmies during that time of the month can help you better than most over-the-counter medication. Heat has been proven to be a proven method to relieve period pain. 

Warmies Uses Only The Safest & Highest Quality Stuffing

It's clear to see that Warmies are products that are designed with health and fun in mind. Everybody can choose the Warmies product that speaks to them while also enjoying the many benefits that Warmies offers with their natural materials and features. Remember that, no, Warmies Microwavable Plush Stuffing do not attract or contain bugs as all Warmies products are made with natural materials that are known to repel bugs in addition to being microwave-safe.

People of all ages benefit from Warmies products from stuffed animals to wearables. Explore the great many other Warmies products that aren't stuffed animals. They’re easy to use and convenient to have when you need to take a breather or reduce pain or both. 

If you have additional questions or concerns about Warmies products, check out the FAQ page or any of the extensive reviews available. Rest assured that each and every single one of the Warmies products are made of high-quality, soft, and luxurious materials that will improve the wellbeing of all that use them.