5 Tips for a Healthy, Happy Holiday Season

It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year, So Let's Say Goodbye to Stress. 

The holidays are magical, filled with fun times, delightful food, cherished family, and let’s face it – a little bit of stress! While this season may present its own set of challenges, such as planning family get-togethers, managing holiday expenses, arranging outings for kids, and shopping for a gift to give your impossible-to-shop-for friend, never fear, Warmies is here! Discover our 5 tips to de-stress and make sure you have a happy, healthy holiday season.

1. Feeling a General Mental Fog? (It’s not you!) Focus on Being Present

Harvard shared an insightful article titledHoliday Stress and the Brain,” featuring Ellen Braaten, PhD, who shed light on the source of holiday brain fog. Braaten explains that with so many festive responsibilities, our brains go into hyperdrive trying to keep up. This new level of demand can stop the production of new brain cells and may even negatively impact our ability to make memories. The good news? We have the power to tackle it head-on! By deciding what is important to us and our family and setting realistic expectations for the holidays, we can ensure we make meaningful memories.

Warmies are soothing and weighted for comfort.

The holidays are, undoubtedly, a wonderful time of year, but they aren’t something we should lose sleep over–unless we’re wrapping gifts of course. Manage holiday stress in healthy ways by taking care of your own mental health; schedule time for yourself, focus on quality over quantity, and realize what really counts: the time we get with loved ones. While this may be easier said than done, it will allow you to have a happy, healthy holiday season that we can be present for… pun intended. 

2. Overwhelmed by Family Gatherings? Carve Out 'Me Time' for Balance 

The holiday season is when we get to spend quality time with loved ones, but the key to planning a successful family gathering goes beyond the meal, it’s about creating a healthy state of mind! If the thought of organizing your annual Thanksgiving dinner or navigating family dynamics feels overwhelming, consider dedicating a few minutes each morning to self-care.

Prioritize your peace before the hustle and bustle begins by carving out time for activities that help you relax, whether it's indulging in a relaxing bath, taking a brief 10-minute walk, practicing meditation, or whatever helps you feel centered. Our mindset can influence how we respond to challenges, so make a conscious effort to prioritize your well-being.

Relaxing microwavable eye mask.

Meet the eye mask of your sweet dreams! Scented with French lavender, this eye mask works wonders on stress and anxiety as it can be microwavable for warmth or chilled in the freezer for cool relief. The eye masks are made with buttery soft fabric and come in a variety of adorable styles, making them the perfect wellness accessory. If nothing else, the Warmies Eye Masks send a signal to your family that you’re taking some “me time” because you deserve it!

3. Holiday Money Stress? You’re Not Alone! Embrace Quality Over Quantity

It's natural to occasionally get caught up in the comparison game, imagining that every other parent has a direct line to Santa. Yet the reality is lots of people are in the same boat. The American Psychiatric Association reported that 31% of adults think they’re going to be more stressed this holiday season than last, with almost 50% of young adults saying financial concerns are the main cause. However, we can shift our perspective by prioritizing meaningful connections and choosing quality over quantity. Instead of filling the living room wall to wall with gifts galore, pick a few quality presents for each child, and plan activities to do together as a family.

Warmies Hugs are microwavable stuffed animals that make a great gift for kids and adults. These plush stuffies are high-quality and designed to be loved for years to come. Warmies Hugs are lavender-scented and weighted for comfort with natural flaxseed to help kids fall asleep easier, but what’s even better is that it’s a 2-for-1 gift! Each cuddly cutie can be separated, meaning they’re perfect for siblings or best friends.

4. Struggling to Plan Kid-Friendly Outings? Get Cooking at Home!

There are endless festivities and seasonal activities for kids during the holidays, but if planning another extravagant outing to meet Olaf is causing you stress, consider getting crafty instead. Making a holiday art project or kid-friendly recipe at home helps families embrace the spirit of the season without the added pressure of organizing.

Kid-friendly recipes.
Warmies has a variety of simple, fun, kid-friendly recipes your family will love. Choose from sweet treats or savory side dishes to make with your kiddos. Cooking allows kids to learn something new and get festive. Sometimes, less is more when it comes to holidays as the best memories are baked at home with love.

5. Feeling 'Box'-ed In by Gift Giving? Use the Warmies Gift Quiz

We have them, those friends and family members who seem to have everything. Each year, we attempt to give them something they’ll love, only to be met with a polite smile. If finding a present is the source of your stress, we got your back! Warmies just launched a quiz to help you find the perfect gift. 

The Warmies Quiz

Soothing stuffed animals.

The 2-minute Warmies Quiz makes gift-giving a breeze, asking you questions about who the gift is for and then creating a list of personalized recommendations. With heatable slippers and hilarious plush stuffies, there are plenty of amazing present ideas for the holiday season and beyond, all guaranteed to bring big smiles on the big day.

Happy Holidays! May your days be merry and stress-free!