Valentines Teddy Bears: Find the right Valentine's Day Stuffed animal

Valentine's Day Teddy Bears: Embrace Love and Comfort with Warmies®

This Valentine's Day, show you care with the enduring symbol of the teddy bear. These cuddly companions have transcended generations, becoming a heartfelt way to express love and comfort. Whether you're sharing appreciation with friends, family, treating yourself, or shopping for Romantic teddy bears, the teddy bear remains an emblem of warmth and care. Step into the captivating history of teddy bears and see how Warmies® teddy bears offer an extra touch of comfort—imbued with the soothing scent of lavender, and crafted with natural flaxseed for a gentle, weighted heatable embrace.

Unwrapping the Endearing Story Behind Teddy Bears

Clifford Berryman cartoon about President Teddy's Bear.

Culturally, teddy bears have always been more than just toys. They represent sweet sentiments shared as a tangible expression of love and care. The history of the teddy bear origin is as sweet and heartwarming as the stuffed animals themselves, dating back to 1902. As the story goes, President Theodore Roosevelt was on a bear hunting trip in Mississippi and refused to shoot a bear that his staff had stunned and tied up. President Roosevelt's refusal to kill the bear became a nationally publicized story, so much so a political cartoonist named Clifford Berryman poked fun at the President's tenderheartedness. This gave Morris Michtom, a creative New York candy shop owner, the idea for a new product aptly named “Teddy’s Bear”. From there, teddy bear symbolism was that of affection, kindness, and comfort. 

In the 1930s, teddy bears gained further popularity becoming a staple in nurseries across the United States. Then in World War II, they became a figure of hope, and innovations in new materials allowed the manufacturer to create more diverse designs. By the 1970s, the teddy bear symbolism took them from companion to collector’s item, with limited edition and special bears being held as coveted mementos. From collectible plush toys to the famously sought after Beanie Babies, the 1980s-2000s witnessed an explosion of growth in the market. Unique, themed bears and teddy bears created in collaboration with artists became exceptionally popular. A used limited edition Princess Diana Beanie Baby can currently be found on eBay listed at $507,000. 

As in the past, the shift cultural shift towards wellness is reflected in the teddy bear and now in 2024, there’s a new wave of cuddly plushies. The next generation of teddy bears are designed to elevate overall wellbeing, easing stress and anxiety while promoting mental and physical health. The evolution of the teddy bear has lead to Warmies! These lovable plushies can be microwavable and chilled in the freezer for temperature-controlled snuggles, scented with real French lavender, and weighted for comfort with natural flaxseed.  

The meaning of teddy bears was born from that serendipitous moment in 1902, and it marked the beginning of a timeless love story between us and our cherished huggable plushies. Teddy bears have a timeless appeal and a permanent place in the hearts of kids and adults everywhere. Each stitch in their fabric whispers the story of comfort, loyalty, and the bond between us.  Whether nestled in the arms of a child or prominently displayed on a collector's shelf, teddy bears hold sentimental value that transcends generations. Their presence in literature, films, and popular culture further showcasing their enduring significance.

The Emotional Symbolism of Teddy Bears

Teddy bears are the symbol of love and comfort.

The emotional symbolism of teddy bears goes beyond their cute and cuddly exterior, representing all different forms of love, be it familial, romantic, or friendship. These soft plush friends are a huggable expression of empathy and emotional support. When given as gifts, teddy bears aren’t just stuffed animals but a reminder of those who love you. 

At the core of their emotional appeal is the softness and warmth they exude, serving as physical embodiments of safety and comfort–which is why they make such great presents for kids! In fact, there is research to support the notion that teddy bears lessen emotional stress for young children in times of transition, comforting them as they develop and grow into their independence from their parents. Their soft, tactile design and link to positive memories reminds children of the love and care shared between them and their families. This becomes especially significant in moments of vulnerability, such as illness, moves, or emotional distress. Teddy bears are plush companions who are with you through all the joyous and challenging times of life. Whether celebrating a special occasion or seeking solace during difficult times, these cuddly creatures stand as steadfast friends we can count on.

Teddy bears as comfort symbols deepen connections, providing a tangible link to shared experiences and feelings of love. If you’re looking for cuddly gifts for Valentine's Day, consider the magic that is a teddy bear. These ever sweet symbols of emotional warmth are the silent messengers of bonds shared between you and your someone special. They're timeless embodiments that represent the language of love. 

The Sweet Sentiment: Teddy Bears and Valentine's Day

Warmies® plushies for Valentine's Day gift.

Since the 1900s, teddy bears have acted as heartfelt Valentine's Day gift traditions, and for good reason! The gesture of gifting a plush bear has become synonymous with romance, creating emotional memories which is why they have lasted through each generation. This heartfelt gesture taps into nostalgia, reminiscent of sweet moments from childhood shared with a cherished teddy bear.

Teddy bears as romantic gifts are appreciated by almost all, and they can be kept for a lifetime. These gifts are not bound by changing trends of fashion, or exorbitantly pricing, and yet they can help create unforgettable moments between two people. The beautiful meaning behind teddy bears is that you’re not just giving someone a cute stuffed animal to cuddle; you're sharing a piece of your heart. It's a simple yet profound way to say, "I care about you," a message that will never go out of style. Teddy bears symbolize warmth, comfort, and enduring affection. The act of presenting a teddy bear carries the message of love, making it a perfect token for expressing romantic feelings. The soft, cuddly nature of a teddy bear aligns with the tender emotions of the special day. 

If you’re looking for a unique and innovative twist to this time-honored tradition, consider Warmies teddy bears. Heatable, designed with natural flaxseed, and scented with soothing lavender, Warmies® teddy bears bring an extra layer of comfort to the classic gift. Warmies for Valentine's Day presents take that warmth and soothing comfort to the next level and showcase the next generation of teddy bears. Give a source of cozy relaxational helping the one you care about find rest, more peaceful sleep, and overall comfort. Elevate your Valentine's Day gift by choosing the enduring charm of teddy bears that have the added warmth of Warmies.

Who to Give Teddy Bears to on Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day gifts for everyone you love!

When thinking of who to give teddy bears to, don't let yourself be boxed in by the old-school idea of what Valentine's Day “should” look like. These days, the notion that you must have a significant other or romantic partner to enjoy Valentine's Day has been debunked as there are many types of love to celebrate! 

Beyond romantic partners, these cuddly companions make perfect gifts for siblings, children, grandparents, and more. Show a family member your love and appreciation for them, and watch as their face lights up with warmth. Friends and close companions who have seen you through the hard times and good deserve to have a cuddly bear to keep close. One of the best Valentine's Day teddy bear recipients are friends who may be feeling down about being single, as it can be hard to see all the hoopla without experiencing a twinge of sadness.   

Warmies Teddy Bears make the perfect present for Valentine's Day.

Meaningful teddy bear gifts don’t have to be for others, as there’s nothing as important as the relationship you have with yourself. Giving yourself a gift is an act of self-love. As self-care has become highly popular these last few years, there’s no better time than now to plan a night for you. Cook or order a great meal, have a bath, watch your favorite movie, and enjoy the warm soothing cuddles of Warmies teddy bears. Whether you feel proud of how far you’ve come, or feel you could use a source of comfort, you deserve appreciation and support. 

Whether gifted to a friend, a sibling or as an act of self-love, the tradition of giving teddy bears on Valentine's Day extends its embrace to a diverse range of relationships. Explore the joy of finding the perfect teddy bear and uncover the art of bestowing these adorable plushies as meaningful presents, creating cherished moments on Valentine's Day. 

Crafting Love: DIY Gift Wrapping for Valentine's Teddy Bears

DIY wrapping for Valentine's Day gifts.

There’s nothing quite like giving out personalized Valentine's Day presents. The presentation of a gift can be a canvas to showcase the depth of your appreciation for those you care about. There are simple and easy ways to elevate your gift and many of them you can do yourself! People really appreciate the effect it takes to add your own personal touch to gift wrapping, and what’s more, creative teddy bear gift wrapping can be fun! So let’s dive into the art of adding a personal touch to your Valentine's teddy bear gift with these creative and heartfelt DIY gift wrapping for teddy bears.

To embark on this creative journey, gather materials like festive wrapping paper, ribbons, embellishments, and, of course, the star of the show – your Warmies® teddy bear. The importance of personalized gift wrapping lies in the thoughtful details that resonate with the recipient, making the unwrapping process a moment they’ll remember. Below are our step-by-step guides to help you kickstart your DIY session!

Valentine's Day Gift Wrapping for Beginners 
What You’ll Need: 
  • Festive wrapping paper
  • Bow
  • Tape
  • Scissors
  • Gift Box 
Step 1: Place your box right side down on your wrapping paper, with equal margins to the sides and the height of the box.
Step 2: Cut the wrapper paper so there’s ½-inch extra on all sides. 
Step 3: Bring one side of the wrapping paper to the middle, and secure it with a piece of tape, then repeat. 
Step 4: Tuck the ends of the wrapping paper inward to create four 45° angles. 
Step 5: Fold the top flap down, tape, lift the bottom flaps up, and fold the line of the paper in for a clean line before placing a small strip of tape across. 
Step 6: Make a loop on one side of the box, twist the ribbon at the bottom side of the box, make a loop on the other side, and tie it in a knot. Place a bow and voila!   

Pro Tip: Place your ribbon over any wrapping mishaps! 

Oh-So Sweet Teddy Bear Bow-Tie: 
What You’ll Need: 
  • Satin Ribbon
  • Scissors
Step 1: Cut a long piece of ribbon. 
Step 2: Loosely wrap the ribbon around the neck of the teddy bear. 
Step 3: Make one bunny ear. 
Step 4: Take the other side of the ribbon and tuck it through the opening towards the bottom.
Pro Tip: Don’t pull your bow tight until you have adjusted each side to be even.  
Step 5: Fold the ends of the ribbon and cut at a 45° angle. All done! 

Love Letter, Note or Gift Tags: 
What You’ll Need: 
  • White paper
  • Colored paper
  • Glue
  • Scissors
  • Single hole punch

Step 1: Write your note on white paper, making the borders as small as you want your note to be, then cut a square around it. 
Step 2: Glue your white paper on your colored paper. Cut a border on the top and bottom of the colored paper and make the sides twice as wide. 
Step 3: Fold the colored paper in half and punch a hole through the upper left corner. 
Step 4: Thread ribbon or twine through the hole and around your bear’s neck. Finitio! 

As you immerse yourself in the delightful process of DIY gift wrapping for teddy bears, don’t get frustrated if it’s not perfect, remember that it's the thought that counts! 

Embrace Love and Comfort with Warmies® Teddy Bears

Make this Valentine's Day warm with Warmies!

Warmies® plushies conclusion is that there’s really no better way to show you care than with the time-honored symbol of the teddy bear. Teddy bears for love and comfort may have started with President Roosevelt, but since then have become a way to share appreciation, whether it be with friends, family, or someone special, even if that someone special is YOU! 

Our final thoughts on Valentine's Day gifts is that no matter which Warmies teddy bear you choose, try to make the moment special so that the recipient will always have something to commemorate the day.  As we celebrate love on this special occasion, Warmies® plushies add an extra layer of magic to this cherished tradition. These teddy bears are not just adorable; they're designed for comfort, with features like lavender-scented coziness, huggable warmth, and softness. The thoughtful features of Warmies® plushies elevate the Valentine's Day gifting experience, making each moment unforgettable. Explore Warmies Valentine's Day collection (coming soon), and choose the perfect blend of teddy bear love and comfort with our plushies. Let these adorable microwave teddy bears be the sweet symbol of your care and affection. 

We hope your Valentine's Day is filled with laughter, love, warmth, and Warmies!