Warmies 2023: A Year In Review

Celebrating Warmies Highlights & Heartfelt Moments

We’re stepping into 2024 with full hearts and a renewed commitment to bring the soothing power of Warmies to people everywhere. But first, let’s look back at Warmies’ 2023 highlights.Join us in celebrating another amazing year in books, where we continued to promote wellness, support our community, and launch a ton of cuddly comforts.

1. Surpassed 100,000+ 5 Stars Reviews

Warmies bring soothing comfort to customers.

For us, getting 100,000+ 5-star reviews isn’t just a number, it’s a celebration of the joy and comfort Warmies gives our customers' lives. Everyone has their own reason for loving Warmies, whether it’s that the plushies soothe their kids to sleep, help manage their anxiety or just give them a new cuddly comfort. Whatever your reason is for loving Warmies, thank you! 

2. Launched a New Collection of Cuddly Pajamas

Ulta-soft pajamas made with 100% cotton.Shop Warmies Pajamas

We launched a new line of stylish and soothing PJs made with 100% cotton that gets softer with each wash. Warmies is so proud of our new pajama collection; not only are they adorable with calming hues, cute designs, and a stretchy elastic waistband but they are free of any scratchy tags!

3. Donated 18,000 Warmies to Kids

Heatable or chillable soft and cuddly Avocado Warmies.

When we heard about the American Heart Association’s Kids Heart Challenge Program which teaches kids, families, and school staff about the importance of health and wellness, we had to get involved. Warmies donated 18,000 Avocado Warmies to support the fundraising and service-learning program’s nationwide mission. Cheers to the American Heart Association for providing tools, lessons, and activities that inspire healthy habits for mental and physical well-being, Warmies is proud to have been a part of it! 

4. Launched New Colors of Wellness Warmies

Soothing, plush, microwavable Warmies slippers.

Our Curly Sage Green Spa Collection is snuggle luxury at its best. With muted earth tones, soft plush fabric, and flaxseed filling these heatable slippers are where comfort meets style. We love our new wellness Warmies and we're happy to learn our customers did too! 

Pro Tip: Build a Spa Pack to save 15%!

5. Began Rewarding Our Incredible Customers!

At Warmies, we’re always looking for ways to reward our loyal customers, so it seemed natural to introduce our first-ever loyalty program! With Plush Points Rewards, our Warmies family can get points with every purchase and earn discounts for the future. It’s FREE to sign up, start earning rewards to make shopping even more fun. 

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6. Shared Our Love of Axolotls

Pink and white heatable Axolotl Warmies Junior.

The Axolotl was the breakout star of 2023, with endless admirers of the amphibian’s pink gills and sly smile. Everyone loved our Axolotl Warmies so much we went ahead and made it mini! In 2023, we launched anAxolotl Warmies Junior so kids and adults could snuggle up to its warm cuddly cuteness.

7. Found Even More Ways to Connect with our Amazing Community  

12 Days of Warmies Giveaway on Instagram.
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The Warmies Giveaways soared to success! Our second annual Halloween Costume Contest was spooktacular and seeing everyone's costumes was a real treat. Warmies Social media giveaways including our 12 Days of Warmies Giveaway further fueled the excitement and helped us continue to build an online community of Warmies fans.

7. The Warmies Team Grew! 

As we reached more families with Warmies our own Warmies family grew as well! We brought on new team members, from designers and marketing minds to content creators and a particularly talented blog writer. We were thrilled to grow in 2023 and look forward to working together in 2024 to reach new heights!

8. Celebrated the Seasons with New Holiday Warmies!

Limited edition seasonal holiday Warmies.
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From the Black Cat to the Snowman and Reindeer Warmies for the holidays, it’s safe to say our Limited Edition seasonal Warmies were a hit! Nearly all of these adorable cuddle buddies sold out, and Warmies took notice. We have some pretty exciting seasonal launches lined up for 2024, and we cannot wait to share them with you. 

Here's to another chapter of love, laughter, and warmth in 2024!

Happy New Year!