Warmies - Honest Brand Review

About Warmies

Soothe the soul by surrounding your senses with the warm lavender products of Warmies. This brand was built to bring comfort to the daily life of anyone in need of some plush, offering products like the Warmies heatable slippers and their popular stuffed animal collection.

Successfully in business for over 25 years, this brand has made itself quite popular with customers and the media judging by their over 23k followers on Instagram as well as recent coverage in Toy Buzz’s “Trend Hunter’s Top Toy List.”

Popular and sweet in appearance, this Warmies review will cover the pros, cons, products, and customer testimonials of this brand to help break down whether this company is worth the buy.

Overview of Warmies

Warmies Review

The founder of Warmies, Intelex Group, created the company in 1995 with a goal of wellness and comfort for all. 

Launched on the principles of inspiring health and wellbeing, this company’s product line has grown exponentially to include not only their well-known stuffed animals but also a whole wellness line designed for the ultimate soothing experience.

The Warmies heatable soft toys continue to be their top-selling items and are made for all ages, but are especially popular amongst babies, toddlers, and children. The stuffed collection has grown to now include seven distinct categories of toys (yay!).

While notably popular for over 25 years, let’s look at some highlights for a better picture of what this company has to offer:


  • A wide range of warming products and toys spanning from the popular Warmies stuffed animals to a wellness collection geared towards adults
  • Simple to warm and use
  • Thousands of positive Warmies reviews online
  • Soothing lavender scent
  • Heat retaining filling that holds warmth for 30 to 45 minutes
  • Financing options available with AfterPay
Warmies Review

With those key points in mind, we’re turning our Warmies review towards their famous products. 

As their most popular line, this review will focus on their stuffed animal collection, but this brand’s wellness collection offers a variety of warming products that promote comfort and sleep for all ages. 

Bundles are also available combining wellness and stuffed toy products into one easy purchase.


The full review can be found here: https://www.honestbrandreviews.com/reviews/warmies-review/