Wonderfully Worth It: A Warmies Review

Wonderfully Worth It: A Warmies Review

Wonderfully Worth It: A Warmies Review

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Kids (or anyone) sometimes just need a bit more comfort at the end of the day. Sometimes it can be hard to get to sleep when you’re feeling anxious, scared, sick or just plain uncomfortable. 

Warmies Stuffed Animals are the perfect solution for anyone that needs a little extra comfort at bedtime. Just pop them in the microwave for a couple of seconds and they’ll soothe you to sleep. Plus, they come infused with french lavender oil which has been shown to calm both mind and body.

Meet Warmies

Warmies was founded in 1995 by Intelex Group, a firm committed to promoting health and comfort for all. This firm’s product line has expanded tremendously to include not just their famous plush animals, but also a complete wellness line designed for the ultimate soothing experience. Its principles of inspiring health and wellbeing have made it a worldwide success.

Since Warmies were created, they have been one of the most popular and sought-after stuffed animals. Warmies are different from other stuffed animals because you can warm them up in the microwave.

This is perfect for kids (or anyone) that need a bit more comfort at the end of the day. Warmies come infused with french lavender oil which has been shown to calm both mind and body.

What We Tried: The Koala Hugs Warmies

We tried the Koala Hugs – which is technically 2 Warmies Stuffed Animals – not just 1. And our kids call Koala Bears, “Walla Bears” because my daughter couldn’t say “Koala” correctly.

We didn’t plan it this way, but our Warmies arrived when our kids were feeling a bit under the weather. It was the perfect time to try them out.

They simply loved their “Walla Bear” warmies and slept with them the very first night.

The Hugs line of Warmies comes in adorable pairs of Llamas, Sloths, Dinosaurs, Elephants, Unicorns and Puppies. The idea is that they can hug eachother.


This is perfect for a family with two kiddos. Our son uses one of the Koala Hugs and our daughter uses the other.

But first, a quick word of warning… that is pretty hilarious in retrospect.

A Funning Word of Warning

Be sure to tell your kids that if they wake up, the Warmies will NOT be warm anymore. They do not stay warm all night long.

My daughter (3 at the time of writing this Warmies Review) woke up and demanded (yes, that’s my daughter) that her “Walla Bear” was broken and wasn’t warm.

I wasn’t going to start that habit, so just tell them before they go to bed that the Warmies will probably not be warm when they wake up.

How long do Warmies stay warm?

Warmies stay warm for about 40-60 minutes. That, of course, all depends on how long you nuke the Warmies Stuffed Animal for and obviously ambient temperature – not to mention how tightly you snuggle your Warmie.

Warmies Stuffed Animals: How They Provide Comfort and Help You Sleep Better

Warmies look just like a regular stuffed animal, but they can be warmed in the microwave (it appears the instructions are a bit different for each Warmie, ranging from 30 seconds to about 1 minute) to make a nice warm temperature.

Warmies are huggably soft plush toys made of safe microwave-friendly materials, and within them are specially formulated millet grains and dried French lavender. You’ll immediately feel a soothing warmth and much-needed aromatherapy for relaxing. Warmies also has the ability to provide relief from minor body aches.

Warmies are like a warm hug

You know how a hug can instantly release serotonin? That’s the general idea here.

Literally, when you hug, your body releases serotonin – the happy chemical. It does this by stimulating pressure receptors called Pacinian corpuscles. These are found all over your body, but especially in your skin. Warmies work in the same way by providing deep pressure input and calming the nervous system.

Then, add lavender to the equation and you’ve got some real magic to relax.

Lavender: A Not-So-Secret Scent

The Latin root “lavare” literally means “to wash,” and the name lavender comes from it. Lavender oil was used in ancient Egypt, according to historians.

Lavender oil was used to preserve bodies during mummification in Egypt. In a large meta-analysis published in 2019, people with anxiety disorders who took lavender oil capsules had significant drops in anxiety. Lavender essential oil has been shown to aid with sleep and sleeplessness.

Warmies are filled with the relaxing scent of lavender, a not-so-secret ingredient that can be used to keep anxiety and insomnia at bay. We found that our Warmies stuffed animals provided not only physical comfort but also mental and emotional comfort for our kids.

Warmies provide both deep pressure input and aromatherapy to help your kids (and yourself) relax, get rid of stress and sleep better at night. It’s crazy how a little heat and the smell of something relaxing can keep you asleep all ight long.

A Cold Pack Substitute, Too

While it’s not as fast as the heat, you can also put a Warmie in the freezer to act as a cold pack. It’s nice and easy – it just takes a couple of hours to freeze.

Just don’t be alarmed if you see a stuffed bear in my freezer when you visit.

Not Just Stuffed Animals: Much More!

Warmies isn’t just for kids. They are more than cozy plush stuffed animals, too.

Warmies has expanded to offer not only different sizes and kinds of Warmies but also different fully microwavable products.

But First, Supersized Warmies

I know you may be thinking (I was, too), how do you get a supersized Warmies in the microwave? Easy: it comes with gel heating pads and cooling pads that you put inside of the cozy plush animal (dog, sloth, etc.).