Caring for Your

Caring for
Your Warmies

How to keep your Warmies in tip-top shape!
How to keep your Warmies
in tip-top shape!

    How to heat Warmies

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    2Make sure your Warmies are clean and dry
    3Ensure your microwave is clean and your turntable can rotate freely
    4Place your Warmies in the microwave and follow the heat times listed below

    Heat Times:

    Regular Warmies | My First Warmies Boots | Slippers | Neck Wraps | Animal Wraps | Heat Pads | Heat-Paks:
    90 seconds for 600w to 800w 60 seconds for 850w to 1000w
    Warmies Juniors | Hugs | Eye Masks:
    30 seconds for 600w to 800w 20 seconds for 850w to 1000w
    Super-sized Warmies - Pouch Only
    45 seconds for 600w to 800w 30 seconds for 850w to 1000w
    *For Supersized Warmies, remove the heat pack and place it in the microwave. Do not attempt to put the entire Supersized Warmies in the microwave.
    Only heat Warmies from room temperature.

    Do your Warmies feel a little damp after heating?

    Don’t worry! It’s completely normal for a small amount of moisture from our all-natural filling to collect on the surface of Warmies products after heating and should stop after a few uses.

    Want to reheat your Warmies?

    Always wait until your Warmies have reached room temperature before reheating. Warmies are made to retain heat (to keep you nice and toasty!) and may take up to 4 hours to fully cool.

    Adult supervision is required.

    Our heatable products are suitable for all ages but should only be heated and used under careful adult supervision.

    Never heat Warmies in the oven. Only heat Warmies in a microwave.

    Psst! You can find all heating instructions for your Warmies on the label sewn into the product. Be sure to follow these instructions carefully. If you overheat your Warmies, please wait until it has cooled to room temperature before disposing the product in your regular household waste.

      How to chill Warmies

      1Drop your Warmies in a clean grip-seal freezer bag
      2Place your Warmies into the freezer for 2-3 hours
      3Remove from the freezer and use your chilled Warmies to soothe bruises, aches, and sprains or to help reduce high temperatures

        How to clean Warmies

        1Use a damp sponge or towel to lightly spot-clean your Warmies
        2Use a soft brush to refresh the soft touch of your Warmies
        3Store in a cool, dry place after each cleaning and use

        Do not place Warmies in your washer or dryer.

        Because all Warmies contain organic filling material and real dried French lavender, they cannot be machine washed, dried, or submerged under water.

          Questions or Concerns? Go to our FAQ’s for more information.