10 Best Heated Slippers for Women (Say Goodbye to Cold Feet)

Whether it's going to work, picking up the kids, or getting errands done, women are on their feet for a large portion of the day. All this moving and standing around can really take a toll on your joints and muscles, so why not change up the kinds of slippers you put on when you get home? If you haven't heard about them already, heated slippers are a major gamechanger. They're comfy, cute, and give you that extra dose of relaxation you need to soothe your feet after a long day. 

So what are the best heated slippers for women that you can get your hands on? This article is going to dive deep into all the different kinds of heated house shoes and warm slippers for women out there and which ones are the best for you or any of the women in your life. 

The Benefits of Heated Slippers for Women 

So what makes heated slippers so great? Well first off, slippers give your feet some cushion against the hard floor after wearing stiff shoes all day long. The other benefits come from the heating function. So whether you decide to use USB heated slippers, battery heated slippers, or microwave heated slippers, here are some benefits you can expect to experience:

  1. Improved Circulation - Using warmth promotes healthy blood circulation, as heath opens up the blood vessels allowing for more blood to pass through. So using heated slippers on a regular basis will ensure that your feet get good blood flow.
  2. Accelerated Healing - Any sort of aches, tenderness, or injury in the foot can be remedied with heat (along with necessary medical intervention). Since warmth promotes blood circulation, your muscles and tendons will be getting more blood flow to speed along the recovery. 
  3. Better Relaxation - Heat has been used for ages during massage therapy and as a way to relax muscles. The microwavable slippers that Warmies offers have the added bonus of French lavender, which also aids in better relaxation. 

What are the different types of heated slippers?

When looking for the perfect heated slipper, there are many options out there. You can have your pick of different shapes, colors, and styles. Did you know you can even have heated slippers that you can charge? In fact, let's go into the different kinds of heated slippers below.

  • Electric - These heated slippers are ones that are battery operated or rechargeable with USB plug. They are great for indoor use as debris and moisture from the outdoors can mess with the ports. 
  • Scented - Scented slippers add an extra feeling of comfort and relaxation to the wearer. Aromatherapy has been proven to aid in sleep, anxiety relief, and relaxation overall. Warmies offers slippers that are scented with real French lavender. 
  • Microwavable - Just like there are microwavable stuffed animals, there are microwavable slippers. These can be the perfect house slipper as they can easily be popped in the microwave to warm up your chilly feet. The filling holds heat for hours on end making them one of the warmest slippers styles that provides relief to aching muscles and joints. 
  • Outdoor Slippers - If you're someone that spends a lot of time coming and going from the house, outdoor slippers are the right choice. These slippers tend to have a more rugged sole that can withstand the rough terrain of the outdoors, while still offering a comfortable interior that cushions the feet. They're the perfect house slipper for people who spend a lot of time in the yard. 
  • Slipper Socks - Unlike regular slippers, slipper socks are form-fitting and don't have a sole. The bottom of the socks feature anti-slip gripping pads or beads that provide traction indoors. They can warm your feet just like any thick sock, but it can get stuffy as there isn't the same circulation that a standard slipper would be able to give you.

What should women look for in a great heated slipper 

You can get recommendations for the best heated slippers from Oprah’s Favorite Slippers list. You could also refer to this list of things to look out for when weighing your options for women's heated slippers.

  1. Comfort - These slippers will be with you for some time, so make sure they don't rub your feet the wrong way. Look for soft cushioning and material in the construction.
  2. Durability - You also don't want a slipper that's going to fall apart after one use. Make sure that they have thick enough soles and stitching that isn't loose or frayed. 
  3. Heat & Temperature - Slippers are made to keep your feet cozy and warm. Rechargeable heating slippers are great for this and so are microwavable ones. If you want more variety in temperature, Warmies slippers are great because you can also put them in the freezer to cool off your feet on a warm day.
  4. Style - Find slippers that fit your style and personality. There are tons of patterns, colors, and styles to choose from that will make you look great as well as keep you comfortable. 
  5. Scent - While scent isn't always something to consider when choosing a slipper, Warmies slippers offer slippers filled with lavender to aid in relaxation. This also helps to keep away bad odors from reaching your nose due to sweat.
  6. Value - You don't have to break the bank to have slippers that make you happy. Find something that matches your wish list and will keep your wallet happy. Don't settle for cheap slippers as they will likely have poor construction and not have a heating function.

10 Great Heated Slippers for Women From Intelex Warmies® USA 

Some of the best heated slippers for women can be found right here on the Warmies site. These are a perfect idea for a Mother's Day gift, birthday gift, and could even be a great gift for a girlfriend or for yourself. We have a wide selection of colors and styles that will suit anyone's personality. Check out the ten best heated slippers below!

1. Tawny Warmies {Heated} Slippers

Microwavable Tawny Warmies Best Heated Slippers For Women

For the sassy woman in your life (maybe for yourself), try the Tawny Warmies® Slippers! Just like most Warmies products, these are fully microwavable and scented with real French lavender. They fit women sized 6-10 U.S.

2. Marshmallow Brown {Heated} Warmies Slippers 

Microwavable Marshmallow Brown Warmies Best Heated Slippers For Women

The extra plush and extra cute Marshmallow Brown Warmies® Slippers will remind you of being near the campfire. And that warmth will come through with the microwavable feature. You'll also be one with nature with the gentle scent of real French lavender. These come in women’s sizes 6-10 U.S. 

3. Marshmallow Lavender {Heated} Warmies Slippers

Microwavable Marshmallow Lavender Warmies Best Heated Slippers For Women

On brand with Warmies, these Marhsmallow Lavender Warmies® Slippers match what's on the inside: real French lavender. You'll be able to microwave these to your heart's content and breathe in that relaxing lavender aroma. Fits women's sizes 6-10 U.S.

4. Snowy Warmies {Heated} Slippers

Microwavable Snowy Warmies Best Heated Slippers For Women

Your feet will be looking like little snow leopards with the Snowy Warmies® Slippers. You'll be feeling a lot warmer than those wild cats since you can microwave them and keep your feet cozy and safe. Fits women's sizes 6-10 U.S.

5. Gray Warmies {Heated} Slippers

Microwavable Gray Warmies Best Heated Slippers For Women

Keep your feet snug and cozy with these Gray Warmies® Slippers. You can pop them into the microwave, relax, and soak in all that nice anxiety-reducing lavender within. Fits women's sizes 6-10 U.S.

6. Marshmallow Gray Warmies {Heated} Slippers

Microwavable Marshmallow Gray Warmies Best Heated Slippers For Women

Just like the Marshmallow Brown, these Marshmallow Gray Warmies® Slippers will keep you feeling comfy, cozy, and missing that campfire. Made with soft faux fur, your feet will be thanking you while cushioned in memory foam. Fits women's sizes 6-10 U.S.

7. Cream Warmies {Heated} Slippers

Microwavable Cream Warmies Best Heated Slippers For Women

The Cream Warmies® Slippers will fit the style of anyone in your life. They have an inviting neutral color that will complement any style and color out there. They'll keep feet warm, cool, and anything in between. Fits women's sizes 6-10 U.S.

8. Curly Purple Warmies {Heated} Slippers

Microwavable Curly Purple Warmies Slippers - Warmies USA

The Curly Purple Warmies® Slippers are wacky and fun, perfect for purple lovers! They match the lavender vibe while also standing out with curly faux fur. Fits women's sizes 6-10 U.S.

9. Curly Sage Green Warmies {Heated} Slippers

Microwavable Curly Sage Green Warmies Best Heated Slippers For Women

The Curly Sage Green Warmies® Slippers is more muted than it's purple cousin, but it has some flair and style that adds some color into anyone's life. It'll keep your feet feeling good and looking good. Fits women's sizes 6-10 U.S.

10. Curly Gray Warmies {Heated} Slippers

Microwavable Curly Gray Warmies Best Heated Slippers For Women

Rounding up the best heated slippers for women, the Curly Gray Warmies® Slippers is the last of the curly Warmies line. It's the perfect in-between of colors for people who aren't quite into purple or green. It's faux fur of the softest quality with memory foam soles, just like all other Warmies slippers. It's perfect for anyone and will fit women's sizes 6-10 U.S.


Heated slippers have more to them than meets the eye, that's for sure! Women can reap incredible benefits that will keep their feet healthy and happy, all the while enjoying cute styles and durability that you can't find anywhere else but on Warmies. 

Warmies has some of the best heated slippers out on the market. You don't have to take our word for it! Check out our review page here to see what real Warmies customers are saying about their purchase. Be sure to contact the Warmies team to learn more about how amazing heated slippers are.