Stay Cozy and Safe: A Guide to Heated Slippers + Usage Tips

The idea of using heated slippers may be foreign to some but many others search the internet for advice if you can you heat up socks in the microwave! Socks may be dangerous to heat in the microwave, but you'll be happy to know that heatable slippers are perfectly safe to use-- even if you have a sensitivity to heat. While microwavable slippers are growing in popularity, there are dozens of different kinds of heated slippers out in the market. This article will go in depth about what heated slippers are, the different kinds that you can enjoy, and how Warmies stands above the rest. Who knows? Maybe you'll be inspired to get your very own pair of the one of the best warmable slippers for women.

What are Heated Slippers? 

Everyone has heard of slippers and may have even owned a few dozen pairs in their lifetime. But nowadays there's a new kind of slipper taking hold: the heated slipper. While it's not necessarily a new concept, heated slippers have become trendy for their ability to retain heat and provide lasting comfort to wearers. 

There are several kinds of heated slippers, most notably the microwavable slipper. Microwavable slippers are exactly what they sound like: slippers you can heat up in the microwave and they pretty much make the best heated slippers you can own. Since they require a popular home appliance, they're convenient and quite the novelty. 

Along with microwave slippers there's the electric heated slipper, which requires electricity (in whatever capacity) to heat up. But there are so many different varieties to the electric heated slipper.

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Types of Heated Slippers 

There are so many different kinds of heated slippers on the market. Each have their pros and cons and some may be less safe than others. Nonetheless, each and every kind is perfect for those with cold feet that want warm slippers to slip into after a long day. So without further ado, here are the different kinds of heated slippers that prove to be comfortable footwear and will make you feel like you're at the spa:

#1 Electric Heated Slippers -

This variety of heated slippers tend to be popular with people who live on-the-go. They're instantly warm at the touch of a button and don't require waiting around like a rechargeable or microwavable slipper requires. They are usually battery-operated, which means that it requires some maintenance when the batteries go out. Many varieties of electric heated slippers can be good for outdoor use, as they have a thicker sole.

#2 USB Heated Slippers -

USB heated slippers are very popular with more of everything being rechargeable these days. It's convenient for those that already have several USB ports in their home, but it's not very convenient for outdoor use since moisture and debris can enter the charging port. This also requires a waiting period to get them charged up and ready for use. But since they are rechargeable, they are less wasteful than battery-operated slippers.

#3 Microwavable Heated Slipper -

Microwavable heated slippers are very versatile and popular. These can easily be popped into any microwave for a short amount of time, and then they're ready to wear. Of course, a small drawback is that you need to wait until they're warmed up which can be anywhere from 30 seconds to two minutes. But the plus of Warmies heated slippers is that they are filled with natural material that is non-toxic. Warmies Top Selling Microwavable Slipper and all others won't every require batteries or cables, but they might not always be great to use outdoors since moisture can ruin the filling.

#4 Heated Slipper Socks -

Heated slipper socks are just as cozy and warm as slippers, but they're socks. This means they have no sole, instead they have grippy texture to keep your feet from slipping. This also means that they're not great for outdoor use since they may get ruined by the elements due to not having soles. These are great for people who want to slip into bed without clunky slippers on, since socks will stay on without effort until you take them off.

#5 Heated Booties -

Heated booties can be battery-operates, rechargeable, or microwavable. The only real difference is the style of the footwear. Booties tend to cover the entire foot and ankle whereas the slipper only covers the foot, often leaving a portion of the heel and ankle exposed. Booties also tend to be more lightweight than slippers as they don't have a sole and are more form-fitting, but not as tight as a sock. 

#6 Chemical Reaction Heated Slippers - 

Chemical reaction heated slippers are similar to the heat packs you use for your gloves in the winter time. These pouches and packs that you use require the introduction of air to make them heat up. The same principle applies to these slippers. When you wear them and "crack" the pouches of contained chemicals, air is introduced and the packs heat up. These types of slippers may only work a few times until you need to replace them, which can be costly and wasteful depending on your use.

Heated slippers vs. Microwavable Slippers? 

So how can you choose between heated slippers or microwavable ones? Check out this chart that highlights some of the several pros and cons of each to help you in your decision-making:

Heated Slippers

Microwavable Slippers





You can take it anywhere you go that has access to electrical outlets. Requires constant charging or battery changes. Doesn't require charging or battery-use. Cleanliness concerns within the microwave.
Easy to use, just plug in (insert batteries) and go. Water or moisture can ruin the electric capabilities.  Warmies slippers are filled with natural fibers and lavender. Can require frequent trips to the microwave.
Can include customizable heat settings. Clunky or heavy due to internal mechanisms. Stays warm for hours. Improper heating can destroy the slippers and cause bodily harm.
  Can be pricey. Lightweight.  

How do Warmies® microwave slippers work? 

Warmies microwavable slippers are filled with natural flax fibers and lavender. Because flax is the primary filling, this allows for better beat retention than plastic or cotton-filled slippers. Flax is excellent at retaining heat and won't leach toxins like plastic is known to do. This filling is used with all of Warmies microwavable products, which means every product can aid in relaxation and comfort.

Warmies slippers come with instructions on how to heat them up, clean them, and store them. Heating instructions may vary depending on the strength of your microwave, but the general recommendation is to heat them for 45 seconds to one minute. Heating them up for too long can cause the products to burn your skin or become damaged. Heat retention will also depend on the overall climate of your home and how you use the slippers.

Are microwavable Slippers safer than electric heated slippers? 

Warmable slippers that you slip into the microwave are no less safe or dangerous than electric heated slippers. Each has their own drawbacks, as we mentioned above. The only real danger for each heated slipper type is if you have a real sensitivity to heat. For example, heating the Warmies microwavable slipper in the microwave for too long can cause your feet to burn. 

Electric slippers tend to have wiring within them that can pose a risk if there were every frayed wires. Not to mention the risk of moisture in the ports causing shorts in the mechanism. In the end, there aren't any real dangers other than simple burns or electric malfunctions within the slippers. 

With Warmies, you can expect the best in comfort and quality, when used properly.

Saftey Tips For Microwavable Slippers 

In order to maximize the lifespan of your Warmies microwavable slippers, you need to follow the following guidelines:

  1. Don't Get Them Wet - The filling of these slippers are made from natural material that doesn't behave well when wet. If you need to clean your slippers, use a clean damp towel to spot clean. Do not submerge them in water. 
  2. Store in Cool Dry Place - Improper storage of Warmies slippers can cause the slippers to wear down and become damages. Humidity is not ideal for Warmies, so store them in a cool dry place like under the bed, in the closet, or in a box. 
  3. Follow Heating Recommendations - Putting the slippers in the microwave for longer than the recommended period of time can cause the slippers to burn your skin. The slippers may also become damage, as the filling has been burnt. If this happens, wait until the slippers cool before disposing of them.
  4. Don't Use as a Medical Replacement - These slippers are not meant to be used a replacement for medical treatments or medications. If you have a medical condition, these are meant to be used as a supplement or for simple relief. If you're concerned about using this with whatever condition you may have, ask your doctor.


So now you see that Warmies microwavable slippers are safe to use, so long as you follow instructions. These are the kinds of slippers that will last you a lifetime when you treat them right. They'll provide you with hours and hours of comfort and relief and have been proven to be a great addition to any household, whether for yourself or as a gift to a loved one. So if you want to learn more about Warmies slippers, get in contact with our Warmies team, and check out our Frequently Asked Questions page to learn how to take care of your slippers forever!