Heating Pads for Period Cramps: Types, Benefits, and Usage

Heating Pads for Menstrual Cramps: Exploring Types, Benefits, and Usage

Menstruation can be annoying to deal with, especially the cramps that are associated with it. Menstrual cramps can be mild and negligible or super painful and debilitating. No matter what kind of cramps you may experience during your cycle, pain relief can be just around the corner with products like heating pads and aromatherapy. This article is all about showing you the different kinds of heating pads out there on the market and which may be the best type for your lifestyle and overall needs. Warmies offers all sorts of heating pads for period cramps, even microwavable heating pad options, so be sure to explore those after reading this article. Let's get into it.

What is a Heating Pad? 

A heating pad is a pad that uses warmth to heat parts of the body for the purpose of providing relief from pain or any related discomfort. These pads are all about providing targeted relief, as they are typically small in size. A heating pad can be electronic, where you plug it into a wall, or natural, using fillers that can be heated up using water or microwaves. Using a heating pad for cramps experienced during menstruation is not a new concept, but now there are heating pads that are especially designed for people with menstrual cramps. These pads tend to be smaller, comfier, and easier to use so that your movement isn't quite as restricted like they would be with larger more traditional heating pads.

Different Types of Heating Pads

As mentioned earlier, there are different kinds of heating pads. Each has different ways they function which, in turn, have different uses for your life. Let's get into the different types and which may be the most ideal heating pad for menstrual cramps and other ailments.

Electric heating pads: Features and benefits  

Electric heating pads are either battery-operated or ones that you can plug into an outlet. They're beneficial in that they often feature different temperature settings and auto turn-off for if you doze off during use. The one drawback of heating pads that you plug into the wall is that you are restricted in your movement. You wouldn't be able to simply get up and move around since you would be tethered to the wall.

Microwavable heating pads: Advantages and considerations

These heating pads are ones that use plastic or natural filling that can retain heat when heated up in the microwave. Depending on the strength of your microwave and the type of filling used, these heating pads can remain warm for up to a couple of hours. These are portable, 

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Disposable heating pads: Convenience and portability 

Disposable heating pads are ones that you can heat up in the microwave or use some sort of chemical reaction to heat up on their own when activated. These typically have one-use capabilities and are designed for those who experience injury or an immediate pain issue. These are convenient to have on hand in case of emergency, especially when on-the-go. They're portable and convenient when you don't have an electrical outlet handy.

Heat wraps and patches: Targeted relief and flexibility 

Heat wraps and patches are perfect for pain relief on super specific areas of the body. They typically stick on with a built-in adhesive and allow you to experience pain relief while on-the-go. They come in a variety of sizes and are definitely a contender for relieving menstrual cramp pain when lying around in bed isn't an option.

Herbal heating pads: Aromatherapy benefits and natural ingredients 

These pads typically boast natural filling and content that aids in more than just pain-relief. The inclusion of herbal ingredients provide aromatherapy which, depending on the herbs, can aid in improved relaxation and reduced symptoms of anxiety. Warmies heating pads include real French lavender, which helps make users feel relaxed, calm, and soothed during each use.

Water-based heating pads: Moist heat for enhanced comfort

These pads require water to activate the heat or require you to fill the pad with heated water. Moist heat can provide an additional level of comfort and can soothe certain types of pain better and dry heat. 

Does a Heating Pad Help With Cramps?

Heat has been proven to aid in pain relief, particularly with menstrual cramps. What heat does is dilate the blood vessels, allowing for quicker blood flow to the affected area which helps relieve pain. One should use special care when using heating pads, as prolonged use can cause redness to the skin or mild burns. It is recommended that you use heating pads for 15 minute intervals and perhaps use a barrier in between the pad and your skin.

Why Do Heating Pads Help With Cramps?

As mentioned above, heat dilates the blood vessels which makes the blood flow quicker and easier to the affected area. Since the uterus is a muscle that contracts during menstruation, a heating pad will help the muscles get better blood flow and reduce the pain felt during those contractions. Heat aids in muscle relaxation, so when these muscles are relaxed, the pain will be reduced.

How Long Can I Use a Heating Pad for Cramps?

Depending on the type of heating pad used, you may need a barrier between the pad and your skin to prevent mild burns and redness. This barrier can be a blanket, towel, or even your clothing. It is recommended that for pain relief you only use heating pads for intervals of 15 minutes or so per hour, as moderation is key. This will also depend on the severity of your pain as well as what you're comfortable with. Your comfort level and desire for pain relief may change over time, so be sure to adjust your heating pad usage as necessary.

The Best Type of Heating Pad to Help with Cramps

This will all depend on what your lifestyle is like as well as how severe your cramps are. If you value flexibility and movement, you may require heating pads that are portable and move with your body such as adhesive heating pads. If you want something that you can use while you're watching TV or lying in bed, an electronic heating pad or microwavable one may be more your speed. 

The most suitable heating pad for your needs will change depending on your immediate needs. Consider these factors when searching for a heating pad for yourself or a loved one:

  • Flexibility in movement
  • Portability
  • Ease of use
  • Disposability/reusability 
  • Adjustable heat settings/auto turn-off
  • Size and shape
  • Comfort
  • Quality of construction

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Where to Put the Heating Pad for Period Cramps

Menstrual cramps tend to affect the lower abdomen, but this isn't the only area that experiences symptoms of pain and discomfort. The lower back also is a location where people report discomfort. Wherever you feel pain or discomfort during your period, you can use a heating pad for menstrual cramps to help relieve symptoms. 

Targeted placement will help you reduce pain quicker, so place your heating pad right on your lower back or lower abdomen. If a heating pad alone isn't doing it for you, you can use alternative methods such as a warm bath or heat wraps. 

Other Benefits of Heating Pads

When it comes to heat, there are various benefits and uses for the body. Heat, as mentioned, reduces pain and related discomfort. Heat also helps the body relax and release tension in the muscles and joints. Heating pads like those offered by Warmies also have the added bonus of aromatherapy with the inclusion of real French lavender in every product. Lavender is known to aid in stress reduction and relieves symptoms of anxiety. There are so many uses and applications when it comes to portable heating pads for cramps that go well beyond menstruation. 


Menstrual cramp pain relief has changed over time and one key factor remains the same: heat is useful. Heating pads are an incredible method for main relief for the body, whether exclusively for menstrual cramps or other ailments that you may experience. Heat will activate the functions of your body that allow for natural pain relief to take place. If you take any sort of medications for pain relief, heating pads can be an incredible addition to your routine. Just be sure to consult a medical professional when considering using heating pads in conjunction with you may be taking medications, as heat may exacerbate any conditions you might have. All-in-all, it's proven that heating pads are an incredible asset to have access to when experiencing menstrual pain, so be sure to check out what Warmies has to offer you. Be sure to contact our team to learn more about proper use and care for your Warmies product. Check out reviews from real-life customers and explore our Frequently Asked Questions to learn how to properly care for your heating pad.