Hamster Warmies: A cute, creepy and kooky surprise appearance!

In the bustling world of entertainment, where stress and nerves can often run high, a heartwarming surprise occurred during a recent talk show appearance. The adorable weighted plush Hamster Warmies, known for its weighted and soothing effects, made a special guest appearance in the lap of none other than the talented actress who portrayed Wednesday Addams in the popular Netflix series.

A Soothing Companion: Hamster Warmies, famous for its comforting properties, is a stuffed animal that’s heatable and scented with lavender, designed to provide the ultimate comfort. Our weighted plush Hamster Warmies provides a great sense of calmn, perfect for relaxation and stress relief. It's unique properties make Hamster Warmies an ideal companion for moments of relaxation or as a source of comfort during stressful times.

A Heartwarming Surprise: During the talk show segment promoting the Netflix series, as the actress shared insights into her portrayal of the iconic character Wednesday Addams, a furry surprise appeared in her lap. The Hamster Warmies, adorned with an adorable Addams Family-themed outfit, instantly captured the hearts of everyone present. The unexpected presence of this cuddly creature brought a sense of warmth and joy to the set.

Comfort Amidst Chaos: The hectic schedules and demanding nature of the entertainment industry can often take a toll on even the most seasoned professionals. In such a demanding environment, the presence of the Hamster brought much-needed comfort and relaxation. As the actress cradled the hamster in her lap, its weighted and soothing effects seemed to permeate the atmosphere, creating a serene ambiance and putting a smile on everyone's face.

Dress Up Your Hamster Warmies in Addams Family Fashion: To commemorate this heartwarming surprise, we have prepared a coloring activity featuring the beloved Hamster Warmies dressed up in iconic Addams Family fashion. Bring your creativity to life by adding your unique touch to this adorable little character. Click Here to view & download our Cute and Kooky Hamster Warmies coloring page!

Ps... If you're itching to watch the second season of Wednesday, the Hamster Warmies is just what you and your Wednesday-obsessed friends need to hold on tight to until the season two release date is out!