Warmies 5 Tips For Heart Health

It’s Warmies Heart Month! 

Warmies is committed to sharing warmth with the world and we believe that emotional well-being is a pillar of living healthier lives. This month we’re supporting the American Heart Association’s Life Is Why Campaign which inspires individuals to honor their reason for living their longest, healthiest life. All month long, we invite customers to donate $2-$10 to the Life is Why Campaign at checkout.  Let’s make a heartfelt impact, together: Learn more about donating!

February is a time for celebrations of love so there’s no better time to commit to your heart health. While prioritizing your heart health may conjure images of tasteless food or strenuous marathon running, the truth is staying healthy can be simple. Below are Warmies 5 Tips For Heart Health.

1. Stay Active! 

The idea of exercising for your health is not revolutionary, we know. Luckily, keeping your ticker in tip-top shape doesn’t mean you have to spend hours at the gym. A brisk 20-minute walk a day improves circulation, lowers blood pressure, and lessens the risk of heart disease and stroke. Just don’t dawdle! UCLA Health wrote, “Research shows that stepping up your walking pace may cut your risk of dying from heart disease in half when compared to people walking at a slow pace. So get out there and take a hike with a friend or a walk with your dog, your heart will thank you. 

2. Find Healthy Ways to Manage Stress 

In today’s world, finding time to relax is easier said than done, but it’s vital for heart health nonetheless. Heart disease may be a stress-related problem, as it causes increased blood pressure and increases the likelihood of other health risk behaviors such as smoking, overeating, or having a sedentary lifestyle. The American Heart Association News article on chronic stress quotes Dr. Ernesto L. Schiffrin, physician-in-chief at Sir Mortimer B. Davis-Jewish General Hospital that "Chronic stress has been shown to be associated with increased cardiovascular events." 

The first step in finding a solution is identifying the cause. For those with chronic stress due to working long hours in demanding jobs, finding a work-life balance is essential. For others, implementing relaxation practices such as yoga, meditation, journaling, or daily walks in the evening may help wind down. Whether it's morning meditation or a cozy Warmies cuddle, find healthy habits to make relaxing part of your daily life.

3. Get More Sleep

Sleep can be a beautiful thing, yet for many of us, sleep is an elusive luxury. Struggling to fall asleep can be frustrating, whether it’s because we just don’t have enough hours in the day or we can’t turn off the constant stream of thoughts. When we sleep, our blood pressure drops and our heart rate slows which reduces the stress on the heart, meaning getting adequate sleep is essential for our health. 

In “The Case for Wearing a Sleep Mask”, The Cleveland Clinic quotes Samuel Gurevich, MD who advises, “A safe, calm environment is important for a good night’s rest, and blocking out light is part of that. Eye masks can help...”. Warmies Sleep Mask is microwavable, weighted, and scented with soothing lavender. There are many sleep mask benefits It may be just what you need to catch some much-needed shut-eye!

4. Hearty Foods for Heart Health

Adding more heart-healthy foods to your diet is pretty simple and intuitive; More fruits, vegetables, and fiber. Less refined sugars and processed carbohydrates. The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services has a Heart-Healthy Foods: Shopping List to help make it clear. Finding heart-healthy foods you actually want to eat can be a bit more tricky. We've all been tempted by the treats in the grocery store, so below we listed some quick tips for shopping. 

Don’t Go Hungry: The key to a successful trip to the store is being mindful of what you’re buying. If hungry, chances are we will make some less-than-ideal food choices because we are in a rush! So eat before and take time to look out for added ingredients such as hydrogenated oils, MSG, and high-fructose corn syrup.

Fresh or Frozen: Stock your home with fresh or frozen vegetables to have on hand. Contrary to what you may have heard, frozen vegetables have as much nutrients as fresh ones! Be wary of canned fruits or vegetables, as they often have a lot of sodium and refined sugar. 

100% Whole Grains: Whole grains like brown rice, quinoa, and farro help you stay fuller for longer as they are packed with fiber. Opt for 100% whole grain bread whenever possible over white bread which tends to have a surprising amount of sugar, especially in the U.S. 

5. You Are What You Drink 

You may have heard that a glass of red wine per day helps your heart health. This is both true and misleading. As emotional stress can put stress on your heart, the sedative effect of alcohol does have some benefits. However, a study of 50,000 people at Mass General Brigham Biobank showed that any amount of alcohol consumption increases the risk of cancer. So what do we do? A pillar of heart health is moderation and that includes alcohol! The Harvard Gazette wrote that there are studies suggesting that light to moderate alcohol use will lower your risks of cardiovascular disease. Women should limit their alcohol consumption to 1 drink per day, men to 2 drinks. Our solution is to find mocktail recipes you love  that don’t include a lot of sugar, such as these from Nutrition Stripped, and save the wine and beer for special occasions. 

Warmies Heart Month: Support a Healthier World 

The American Heart Association just reached 100 years of research and activism in the fight to end heart disease. This month, Warmies is inviting customers to donate $2, $5, or $10 to the American Heart Association’s Life Is Why Campaign at checkout so they can get new stress-relieving Warmies while supporting a good cause.