Warmies dog stuffed animals

Warmies dog stuffed animals

Cuddly Plush Stuffed Animals for Dog Lovers

Meet the irresistibly soft dog stuffed animals from Warmies and find your perfectly cuddly companions. Our heatable and chillable dog plush toys are designed to bring soothing warmth and comfort, making them the ideal snuggle buddies for cozy nights or when you need a moment of calm or a cuddle during the day.

Whether you're looking for your dog's doppelganger or shopping for a gift for the dog lover in your life, Warmies plush stuffed animals are sure to become new fur-ever friends. Choose from a range of beloved breeds, including the adorable husky stuffed animal, our bulldog plush toy, the loyal black lab stuffed animal, the charming dachshund stuffed animal, and the ever-popular golden retriever stuffed animal. Dog owners love our stuffed animals, and thousands of customers have found their perfectly paw-some cuddly buddy.

    Display your love of dogs for all to see! Warmies puppy plush toys make the ultimate home décor for any dog lover’s home or office. Our fuzzy dog toys are the perfect gift for a busy professional, designed to soothe and relax you with each hug.

    Warmies weighted, lavender-scented puppies can serve as emotional support during stressful days at the office, keeping you company when away from your furry friend. Explore our wide range of dog lovers stuffed animals, along with everything from cats to cute creatures to lions, tigers, and bears – oh my!

    As dog lovers, we never forget the moments shared with our childhood pets and beloved pups. Warmies Dog stuffed animals are soft, heatable and weighted for comfort, letting us hold tight to the memory of our beloved animals forever.  

    Giving stuffed animals reminiscent of childhood pets or beloved canine companions fosters a deep sense of connection to past and present furry friends, creating lasting bonds and warm memories. Dog Warmies evoke cherished memories, stirring up feelings of nostalgia with every cuddle, making them the ideal gift for a canine lover or friend who has recently said goodbye to their dog.

    Warmies are designed with soft, plush material, ensuring luxuriously relaxing cuddles. However, the real power of Warmies lies within! Filled with flaxseed, Warmies stuffed animals can be heated in the microwave for hours of soothing warmth or chilled for refreshingly cool cuddles. Each of our stuffed plush animals is infused with the delicate fragrance of real French lavender to provide tranquility with each embrace.

    The special and unique nature of Warmies means they need to be spot-cleaned by hand–not in the washing machine! Do not wash or dry them in the washing or submerge them in water. 

    1. Use a damp sponge or towel to lightly spot-clean your Warmies.
    2. Gently use a soft brush to refresh their plush fur. 
    3. Store in a cool, dry place after each cleaning and use.

    Read more on how to use and clean your new cuddly plush stuffed animal in Warmies Care Guide.