How long do Warmable slippers last? (Why Warmies® Are Best)

How Long Do Warmies® Microwave Slippers Last?

When Warmies microwavable slippers are heated up, they generally stay warm for 40-45 minutes. But if you're asking how long Warmies microwavable slippers will last you, it can certainly last you a lifetime so long as you take good care of them with every use. This article is going to go in depth on what Warmies slippers are like, the best methods to take care of them, and potential concerns you might have. So if you want to preserve the best Warmable Slippers for women and men, don't stop reading!

What are microwavable slippers?

You've probably never considered putting your slippers into your microwave, and why would you? But there is such a thing as microwavable slippers out there on the market. As their name would suggest, they're reusable slippers that you can  heat up in the microwave

Warmies reusable heated slippers are incredibly popular due to the materials used as well as how comfortable they are. The slippers are made with a cozy soft faux fur and include memory foam soles. They come in a variety of colors and styles, including the bestselling Marshmallow Brown Warmies, and are lightweight in construction. Each pair of slippers is also gently scented with real French lavender, providing aromatherapy for each user which aids in relaxation and reduction of stress.

How do Warmies® microwavable slippers work?

On the surface, Warmies slippers look like any heated slipper on the market. The key difference is the type of filling that's used. Warmies fills all heatable products with an all-natural flax fiber instead of plastic polyfill that most manufacturers use. The flax fibers retain the heat better and for a longer duration of time than cotton or plastic does. The added bonus of using flax instead of plastic filling is avoiding any potential chemicals and toxins that are leached when heated up. 

Warmies slippers are filled with 100% safe and natural materials that rank Warmies slippers as a top-selling product and brand. And as we mentioned earlier, Warmies are also filled with real French lavender which makes every Warmies product beautifully scented. 


What Factors affect how long microwavable slippers last? 

How long your microwavable slippers retain their heat will depend on a variety of factors. Each of these factors are something you're going to want to look at when shopping for the right pair of slippers for your feet. 

Quality of materials

Quality products will have neat stitching, no lumps, and will feel good on your feet. Poor quality materials means things are more likely to fall apart and degrade with each use. Check out the Marshmallow Gray Warmies and their excellent quality.

The type of filler materials used 

Most microwavable slippers on the market may be filled with some type of plastic filling. This can be a deciding factor for health-minded individuals, as plastic can leach toxins when heated up. Warmies, as mentioned earlier, does not fill products with any type of plastic filling.

Power of the microwave

Microwave power will have a huge effect on how long you'll need to heat up your slippers as well as how long your slippers will last in general. For example, if you overheat your slippers it can burn the filling, ruining the entire product. 

Size and thickness of the slippers 

If the slippers are too big, you run the risk of not being able to put the pair in your microwave. Depending on how big and thick your slippers are, you may need to put them in the microwave for longer (or shorter) than the recommended time. Take a look at the Snowy Warmies to get an idea on how thick these slippers may be.

Inside vs. outside use

If you want a slipper that you can heat up and also use outdoors, look for ones that are specifically designed to do so. Warmies does not recommend using them outdoors as this can introduce unwanted moisture to the filling. Check out the Curly Purple Warmies to get an idea on what an indoor-use only slipper looks like.


How do you extend the life of heated slippers?

In order to get the most out of your Warmies slippers and extend their lifespan, take a look at these five tips:

  1. Be sure not to get your Warmies slippers wet, which means avoiding outdoor use. Moisture can ruin the filling, making it impossible for proper warmth retention. 
  2. Heat them up following the manufacturer's heating instructions and recommendations. Warmies recommends a minute or so in the microwave. Too long and your slippers risk getting burnt, rendering them unusable.
  3. Do not submerge them in water or stick them in the washing machine. If the slippers get dirty, spot clean them with a clean, damp towel or cloth.
  4. Wait until they are cool before reheating them. This gives your feet time to recuperate and prevents the slippers from overheating.
  5. Store your Warmies in a cool, dry area when not in use, such as under your bed or in a closet. 

Are there any safety concerns when using microwavable slippers as they get older?

Warmies slippers are great to aid in things like cold feet, poor circulation, and arthritis pain relief, but something to consider is that these are not a replacement for proper medical intervention. Consult your doctor to make sure that you're not prone to any sort of side effects and risks associated with using heated slippers whilst having a medical condition.

The prolonged warmth that Warmies are known for can certainly be a great thing, but you need to make sure not to heat them for too long or use them for too long, as too much heat can be bad for your health and the health of your slippers. This is also something that separates microwavable slippers from electric ones, as microwavable ones have a built-in mechanism (aka time) that controls the heat.


So with proper care and the right safety precautions, your Warmies slippers can last practically a lifetime. These slippers are great for keeping your feet warm and comfortable, aiding in relaxation, and lessen any circulatory symptoms you might have. Be sure to check out our  review page to see what others have to say about our best-selling slippers Contact the Warmies team to learn more about how amazing heated slippers are and for more expert tips and insights.